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What to do after abortion?

 What to do after abortion? Sometimes there is such compulsion, where abortion is necessary. Like if the fetus is not developing properly, if there is any problem, if there is any complication in the pregnancy. Apart from that, even if there is an unwanted pregnancy, this option should be adopted. Unsafe relationships also force abortion. Forced abortion is necessary. However, abortion should not be taken lightly. As abortion is legal and its services are easily available, the tendency to have unprotected sex and have an abortion is not good. It can make women sick for a long time. How is abortion done? It is very important to have an ultrasound before the abortion. It shows how many days the pregnancy is and whether the baby is inside the uterus or not. After the ultrasound, the method of abortion is decided. If the pregnancy is up to nine weeks, the pill can be used for abortion. The pill causes abortion with bleeding. This option does not work if nine weeks of pregnancy have passed.

Do you have a problem with swelling in your feet? These 6 diseases can also be signs

 Do you have a problem with swelling in your feet? These 6 diseases can also be signs The problem of general swelling of feet is seen in many people. When traveling in a long-distance bus or airplane, when traveling or working while standing for a long time, when bitten by an insect, when falling, when there is an injury caused by bumping somewhere, when a bone is broken, the leg becomes swollen. A woman's feet also get swollen during pregnancy. Such problems are common for a limited period of time, which will get better on their own after some time. But in some cases, when there is a problem in the organs like heart, kidney and liver without any injury, other symptoms can be seen along with swelling of the feet every day. Therefore, if the feet are swollen, an examination should be done immediately to find out the cause. How do you know if your feet are swollen? In general, due to poor blood circulation, the legs become swollen. If you press on the leg bone or ball with your finge

What to do to remove acne on the face?

 What to do to remove acne on the face? There are various kinds of worries about the beauty of the face. Among these, the unnecessary wrinkles on the face are causing a lot of pain. The skin has two layers - epidermis and dermis. In the epidermis there are cells called melanocytes, which produce color in the skin. If melano pigment accumulates in the skin from melanocytes, kothi is formed. Kothi occurs due to genetics and sun radiation. Hereditary nevus is like a birthmark, it is called congenital nevus. It can occur in any part of the body. Similarly, there is a condition caused by the radiation of the sun, which is called lentigenius. It usually occurs on the face, hands, and back where the body gets sunburned. It is more likely to occur in people who walk or work in the sun. Other tumors can appear anywhere on the body. In addition, it can appear at any time after birth, if it is visible on the upper surface, it can be seen on the inside, and the external hair grows. Acne on the fac

What to do when you have high blood pressure?

What to do when you have high blood pressure? In today's busy lifestyle, high blood pressure has become a chronic disease seen in many. Many people do not take it seriously because high blood pressure does not immediately show any complicated problems in the body. But due to this, big health problems can occur. So you should check your blood pressure every now and then. Generally, blood pressure is considered normal if it is above 140 and below 80-90. Above 120 to 139 or below 80 to 89 is called prehypertension. This is the condition before high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is above 140 or more, it is called high blood pressure. Should blood pressure be taken or not? First of all, we should know whether the blood pressure is really high or not. Because sometimes fever, stress, fear, panic, sudden events can increase the pressure. Similarly, measuring blood pressure after morning walk or exercise can show high blood pressure. But it is only momentary, you don't need to

What to do when pregnant

What to do when pregnant Pregnancy itself is a complex and special situation. In this situation, not only the happiness of becoming a mother is connected, but there is a social, family and intimate relationship with the womb. The physical and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy add to the problems and worries of pregnant women. Therefore, if pregnant women and family members are well aware of these changes, the stress will be reduced. Therefore, it is better for every couple to make a pregnancy plan and seek medical advice before conceiving. The pregnancy period is 9 months and the delivery period is 1 month and 15 days, and the period of 6 months of feeding the child only with mother's milk, i.e. about 15 months, is a long time. Since the management of this long term and the new life it gives is a threat to one's own life, if one can proceed with a conscious plan for pregnancy, the health and development of both the mother and the child will be better and the stress w

"Do not be afraid of chemotherapy"

"Do not be afraid of chemotherapy" Cancer patients start to panic as soon as they have to undergo chemotherapy. The side effects of chemotherapy are stressing them. While this therapy is more than just a friend for cancer patients. So forget its side effects and know something about chemotherapy. What kind of treatment is chemotherapy? Should you be afraid of chemotherapy or not? What are its side effects? Cancer specialist Dr. Conversation with Arun Shahi: What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the most common treatment method for cancer. Chemotherapy is the drug used in the treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. It works by stopping cancer cells from forming, growing and dividing other cells. What stage of cancer patients are given chemo? Cancer patients should be given chemotherapy according to their condition, stage and type of cancer. Some people should be given chemo at zero stage, while some should be given only at the fourth stage. Usuall

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly? Although it sounds normal, the question that is lost in the mind of common women is, why panties get dirty and dirty quickly? This is also an important question related to women's reproductive health. Often women's panties may be stained and wrinkled. There is no single reason for this.

Why should parents help children to do 'homework'?

Why should parents help children to do 'homework'? Along with studying, homework is also considered mandatory. How important is homework? Academicians are divided on this. Some have said that homework is necessary to improve students' studies, while some have argued that there is no point in homework.

How do children bring happiness to the family?

How do children bring happiness to the family? There is a saying in Nepali, 'Water and love flow from above to below.'

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? | How safe is it to have sexual intercourse during menstruation?

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? It is said that if the morning starts well, the body will be agile and agile throughout the day. Therefore, you should pay special attention to what you do after waking up in the morning.

Do children have to eat breakfast?

Do children have to eat breakfast? There is a Japanese proverb - eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with your friends and give dinner to your enemies. It indicates what the daily food schedule should be. It is said that you should eat full in the morning, half of it in the afternoon is enough and it is better not to eat at night.

What signs do people give before committing suicide?

What signs do people give before committing suicide? Does any person commit suicide on impulse or planned? Does a sudden change in mood lead people to commit suicide or is it due to long-term depression?

Do people really love cows?

Do people really love cows? Cow, the best creature on earth. People's view and understanding towards cows is very loving. As humans hate and envy other animals, they love cows very much. In Nepali society, there is a tradition of worshiping cows.

Why do girls get excited after shopping?

Why do girls get excited after shopping? As the date of Dashain approaches, the season of shopping has begun. In the context of Dashain, it is said, "The festival of eating sweets and wearing good clothes."

Those who are confused about being thin and thin, how do gain weight?

Those who are confused about being thin and thin, how do gain weight? People are under stress because obesity has increased. Therefore, there is a search for many formulas to reduce obesity. But as many people are worried about fat stomach or obesity, the thin-skinny tribe is no less than that.

What does a 'food inspector' do?

What does a 'food inspector' do?  Those who studied food technology, who like the food of different restaurants? They check the quality of what kind of meat the meat shop is selling, whether the vegetables of the vegetable shop are pesticide-free. I would like to make a proposal regarding the hiring of this type of food inspector contract.

Do you feel that married life is becoming dull? Fill the relationship with color

Do you feel that married life is becoming dull? Fill the relationship with color Be it love marriage or beggar marriage. For a few years of marriage, husband and wife are eager for each other, harmonious relationship and full of love. They envision a beautiful and colorful world.

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