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What to do after abortion?

 What to do after abortion?

Sometimes there is such compulsion, where abortion is necessary. Like if the fetus is not developing properly, if there is any problem, if there is any complication in the pregnancy. Apart from that, even if there is an unwanted pregnancy, this option should be adopted. Unsafe relationships also force abortion.

Forced abortion is necessary. However, abortion should not be taken lightly. As abortion is legal and its services are easily available, the tendency to have unprotected sex and have an abortion is not good. It can make women sick for a long time.

How is abortion done?

It is very important to have an ultrasound before the abortion. It shows how many days the pregnancy is and whether the baby is inside the uterus or not.

After the ultrasound, the method of abortion is decided. If the pregnancy is up to nine weeks, the pill can be used for abortion. The pill causes abortion with bleeding. This option does not work if nine weeks of pregnancy have passed. Surgery should be done. Vacuum aspiration means using a cannula (a special type of tube) is taken to the uterus through the vagina and uterus and the embryo is removed by vacuum.

If there is excessive bleeding after the surgery, fainting, smelly or pus-like discharge from the vagina, you should contact the hospital immediately.

Risks of repeated abortions

Repeated abortions can disrupt the body's hormones, cause depression, decrease in morale, headaches, frequent mood swings, excessive bleeding and loss of blood in the body, if the tube is blocked due to infection in the uterus, there may be a risk of not having children in the future. With repeated abortions, the uterus also weakens.

Things to consider after abortion

After the abortion, the first thing to do is rest, do not do heavy work, eat nutritious food, pay attention to hygiene as the infection may increase, do not have physical contact for one month after the abortion, this also increases the risk of spreading the infection.

Likewise, contraceptives should be used to avoid the problem of miscarriage, which cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy.

How safe is physical intercourse during pregnancy?

Can a couple have sexual intercourse during pregnancy? Does it do any harm to the unborn child? This is a common question.

If the woman does not have any complicated problems during pregnancy, the couple can have physical relations. But if there is bleeding during pregnancy, if the uterus is sitting down, the first child is born prematurely, then it is advisable not to have physical intercourse.

Up to 9 months of pregnancy, if a woman wishes, she can have intercourse at any time. If a woman has excessive abdominal pain, genital itching or does not want to have intercourse, then it is better not to have intercourse.

Unborn child is not affected

If the pregnant woman does not have any problem, having physical intercourse during pregnancy will not affect the unborn child. There is no problem with the health of the baby and the mother if there is no problem with the ultrasound during pregnancy, and having intercourse does not affect the baby.

Which month of pregnancy is complicated?

We also hear that the first three months and the last three months should not have sex. But it has no scientific basis. If there is no problem with the health of a pregnant woman and she has sexual desire, then having physical intercourse in the eighth or ninth month will not have any effect.

Sometimes there is a risk that the husband's semen is infected and the wife is also infected. But if the husband is very healthy, having a relationship will not affect both the mother and the child.

Having sex affects sexual health

Having physical intercourse during pregnancy does not have any effect on reproductive health. There is no need to use any means of family planning while having sex at this time. There was no worry that there would be an uncertain pregnancy. At this time, you can make a relationship more worry-free.

What kind of sexual posture during pregnancy?

They can use different postures during sexual intercourse. No matter what posture is used, it should be used in such a way that it does not cause discomfort to the pregnant woman. It is appropriate to adopt the posture in which the wife is comfortable.

Physical intercourse after childbirth

Do not have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after delivery. At the time of delivery, the uterus is enlarged. It takes time for the uterus to return to its normal position and the wound to heal and infection is more likely. Therefore, sexual intercourse can be done only after 6 weeks of delivery.

After giving birth, a woman's uterus enlarges, bleeds, and wounds on the reproductive organs lead to infection. Therefore, physical relations should not be made immediately after delivery. After intercourse, problems such as infection may appear in the uterus where the wound becomes larger.


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