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Risk of gastric ulcer

Risk of gastric ulcer Gastric has become a common problem now. Experts estimate that about 80 percent of Nepalese will get gastric at some point. Therefore, sarcastically, it is also called 'national disease'. "Gastric" is called "gastritis" in medical language. Gastritis can affect anyone from children to the elderly. What is gastric? Stomach swelling problem is gastric. Hydrochloric acid released from gastric juice helps in digestion of food. People feel gastric when the amount of acid is high for some reason. After gastric, there are problems such as sour belching, pain in the upper part of the stomach, bloating, swelling, numbness, pain in the middle of the chest, vomiting, lack of appetite, loss of appetite, black stool, body pain and feeling weak. the reason Helicopillary germs are the main cause of gastritis in 70 percent. This germ is produced in the body itself. When the production and amount of hydrochloric acid and Helicobacter pylori are not coor

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