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A patient who has gone into a coma can also come back

A patient who has gone into a coma can also come back Many people think that comatose patients usually do not come back. That is why people who are in coma are called 'living corpse'. Because of this, many of their loved ones have lost hope of coming back after falling into a coma. A person in a coma cannot react to events and activities around them, as well as changes and problems. Many of us think that coma is a condition with no treatment option. If so, can a person really come back from a coma? What is a coma? The state in which the body cannot meet internal and external needs is called coma. Coma is when the brain becomes unconscious and stays unconscious for a long time. When someone falls into a coma, he is not aware of what is happening around him. People are alive. But it looks like he is in a deep sleep. But the breathing of a person in a coma is slow. Rare activity can also be seen in the brain. Apart from the brain, other organs of the body such as kidneys, liver, l

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