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How do children bring happiness to the family?

How do children bring happiness to the family?

There is a saying in Nepali, 'Water and love flow from above to below.'

Not only we humans, but animals also love their children the most, without exception. This does not mean that you have turned away from the love of others. If we are fulfilling our duties towards other relatives, then we are expressing our devotion to our children.

For example, who are we calling first now? Surely there will be children. Then the husband and wife, father and mother, sisters and brothers come in order to tell their stories. In this way, small children are cute for everyone. They are not only cute but also medicine.

1. After the birth of a child, the couple realizes more responsibility. That is why they focus on home and family. They stop unnecessary meetings, unnecessary shopping or unnecessary spending. They start doing such work for the upbringing and education of children, which gives meaningful results.

2. Foreign employment has become our destiny today. After marriage, many men have gone abroad and women are running the household. In this way, the increased physical distance between husband and wife has become closer and stronger, children.

3. On the other hand, the cost and service facilities are increasing day by day and the burden of people is increasing. It is difficult for people to manage expenses without earning good income. In such a situation, most of the family members are desperately looking for work. Only the elderly are left at home. They have become the closest friends of the elders, the children. They have become friends who play and talk with their grandparents.

4. In a house with children, the schedule of eating and sleeping is very similar. Because the children have to be fed, put to sleep, and picked up on time, the atmosphere of the house is disciplined and orderly.

5. After having a child, it is necessary to bring home nutritious and fresh food like fruits, milk, curd. Also, you have to cook fresh and digestible food in your kitchen. In this way, the health of the family is also better because of children.

6. Parents cannot sit idle in a house with children. They should be involved in everything from cleaning to playing for the children. Thus parents and family members become active and aware because of children.

7. If there are children at home, the parents also have to stay at home for a certain period of time. This gives them an opportunity to listen to their family and talk to their neighbors. Because of children, the relationship with family and neighbors is smooth.

8. Because of the child, the couple has to give up the tendency to quarrel and argue. Also, there is no environment for drinking at home. In other words, in the house where there are children, the atmosphere there is calm and inspiring.

9. If there are children in the house, they litter, make noise, and make noise. All these things have to be borne by the parents, i.e. the couple. It teaches them resilience and management skills.

10. There is discrimination in the society regarding untouchability, rich and poor, culture etc. But where there are children, there is no such distinction. They see everyone as equal and treat everyone equally. With this tendency of children, parents also develop the habit of treating everyone equally.

Children are really an open book for us. It is a source of happiness. We are also enjoying their natural life.


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