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Do people really love cows?

Do people really love cows?

Cow, the best creature on earth. People's view and understanding towards cows is very loving. As humans hate and envy other animals, they love cows very much. In Nepali society, there is a tradition of worshiping cows.

Cows are worshiped with names like 'Lakshmi', 'Mother'. When depicting a person who does not bother anyone, who does not cause pain, it is called 'cow animal'. Not only cow's milk, cow dung and cow urine are also considered useful by humans. Whether in worship or death rituals, cow urine is used for 'purification'. Cow urine is also eaten as Okhti.

But as much as people have a hearty relationship with cows, do they care for this animal with affection? Because cows that are tied at birth are tied like that for the rest of their lives. In one bag. That's the end of his life.

In fact, a cow should live for the sake of humans throughout its life. He cannot rebel because he is bound, nor can he complain that others have eaten the milk of his children. Nor can he express his sorrow for having to live in a field infested with dung and vermin. Can you cry because you don't get enough food according to your taste?

If you want to raise a cow well, first of all you should know about her food and pay attention to what kind of food she likes. Cows love green grass very much, so it is advisable to take them out for some time to graze.

Let's look at Google or YouTube, you won't find anything that people express concern about the welfare and convenience of cows. How to take care of a cow, what is the psychology of a cow, what kind of food does a cow like, how to improve the health of a cow? Not so much to look for. If you are looking for only which breed of cow gives more milk?

Some time ago a psychiatrist wrote an article about animal and human behavior. In the essence of the article, it was said that people only love animals that are beneficial to them. That is, if a person loves an animal, his selfishness is also hidden in it. Humans cannot give selfless love to any creature.

This also applies to cows. Like cows, dogs have been domesticated by humans. Cow and dog are not compared here. Because every creature in creation is equally loving and important. Even the dog has been giving and is giving immense contribution to this earth.

But the people who keep these two animals do not treat both animals equally. If you search on YouTube, you will find many materials on how to raise a dog, how to feed it, how to play, how to treat it. The city has a lot of shops where you can find everything from dog treatment clinics. While how to take care of the cow is a distant matter, there is no interest and concern in what kind of disease the cow is treated for.

Cows are raised by humans as if they are inanimate or unconscious animals. What kind of grass does the cow like, what kind of pit or pit does it taste, what kind of barn and shed do it like? There is not much inquiry.

It does not mean that the cow should be brought inside the house or to the bed. It doesn't mean that you should rock the cow or play with it. But the way we have kept her hostage in the barn, it should be orderly and cow-friendly.

By making a cow shed, it can be made open, comfortable, dry and sunny. Excrement and its smell can be made. Advanced and palatable herbs can be given. Can be fed to the full. Food and water can be arranged at certain times. Can be protected from flies, flies or other insects.

You can go to the cowshed and kiss, touch and groom. The dung affected area can be washed with lukewarm water. Proper care can be taken in summer or winter season. It does not cost extra money to do this.

Think once, how would it be if you had to become a cow and live for others all your life? How amazing, how sad, how ridiculous life would have been? Most of the cows today are in the same situation.

What kind of care?

If you want to raise a cow well, first of all you should know about her food and pay attention to what kind of food she likes. Cows love green grass very much, so it is advisable to take them out for some time to graze.

Cows love green grass very much. Also, kundo is also a favorite food of cows. Cows also like kundo made at home by mixing rice flour, piña and dal. It is advisable to feed mustard seed in winter and sloth seed in summer. Since sloth is cool, sloth gives him coolness in summer. Mustard piña is hot on the palate.

Attention should also be paid to what kind of shed should be used to keep him. The cowshed should be kept clean and dry. The temperature of the shed should be suitable for the cow. A temperature of 28 to 33 degrees is very suitable for cows. Therefore, a suitable shed should be prepared. By taking care of them in this way, their immunity will increase and their production capacity will also increase.

What kind of barn?

Cows need a shed where the sun can enter. If the shed becomes cold, there is a risk of infection. The shed should be clean and dry, because cows prefer to stay in the oven.

Cows don't like being tied up in a shed all day, so there should be an open area around the shed and it should be left open for at least 6 hours. Cows like freedom so let them loose rather than being tied down It is advisable to make a big shed. Cows can also have infertility problems if they are kept in the barn forever. Therefore, the cow should be left open for at least 6 hours.

What makes a cow happy?

As the cow is calm and disciplined, it likes the disciplined behavior of humans. The timing of his feeding and milking is fixed. So you should give food on time and give milk on time.

Cows love being touched. Cows also like melodious music. If you play melodious music every day in the morning, he will get used to it and he will be happy to hear it and his productivity will also increase.

There is no such thing as the practice of slaughtering cows and giving them virgins. But such a touch is very necessary for a cow. Cows are very fond of Musare.

The milk is milked at 4 am. That milk was finished at 8 o'clock. Suddenly, a guest comes to the house, but if there is no milk to give after making tea, go and feed a cow, and she will give milk. So if you touch him, he loves you too.

In Damlo all his life

Cows are tied by humans from birth and they are tied throughout life. Some cows die while being tied to the dam. This trend is very wrong. A cow is a free animal, it likes to be let loose rather than always tied up. Therefore, in recent times, some cow farms have started to adopt the trend of leaving the cows loose even for a while instead of always tying them.

It is advisable to leave it in the open for at least 6 to 7 hours daily. It is necessary for farmers to adopt this matter. By doing this, the production capacity of the cow will increase and it will also be happy and healthy.

Contradictions in human thinking and behavior

If a person is locked in a room for an hour, how scared will he be? But the cow is tied to the dam for the rest of its life. People cannot realize how scared they are.

A cow is called mother cow and its dung, wheat and milk are all used. There is also a religious belief towards cows. In Gai Tihar, cows are worshiped and given their favorite food. But on other days they don't care what kind of food they like and what environment they like.

People know how to treat cows, but they have not followed it in practice. Even though they know the importance of cows, they have not changed their behavior towards them, but they are doing the same.


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