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What is the stomach? Let's understand in detail

 What is the stomach? Let's understand in detail If you think about the digestive system once, one word comes to mind 'stomach'. This is the part of the body that we think of when we are very hungry or when we are full. Especially the stomach? Stomach and liver disease specialist working at Grandi International Hospital in Dhapasi. Akhilesh Kashyap says, "Stomach is an organ in the shape of 'J' of the English alphabet and looks like a body for eating vegetables, which we understand as the stomach." According to him, the entire part of the stomach plays an important role in digestion. How does the stomach work? Dr. According to Kashyap, the main function of the stomach is to take the food to the digestion process. Stomach temporarily stores food. "It grinds the food and sends it to the small intestine," he says, "It gives the signal to the brain that it is hungry and tired." How does food reach the stomach? Dr. Veer Hospital Senior Gastr

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