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"Having thyroid during pregnancy can be a risk to the baby"

 "Having thyroid during pregnancy can be a risk to the baby" There may be some complications during pregnancy. Thyroid is one of them. What happens if you have a thyroid during pregnancy? Can there be any risk to the unborn child? Can children born with thyroid be disabled? What options can be adopted if there is a thyroid in this situation? Thyroid disease specialist Dr. Online journalist Sumitra Luitel's conversation with Madhu Pandey: What kind of problem is the thyroid? How to understand it simply? The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck. The hormones released from it control and influence the work of many parts of the body. If there is any obstruction in the production of thyroid or its related hormones, it will cause many problems. Some people call the thyroid itself a disease, but it is not. There are problems such as goiter, low production of thyroid hormone, problem of excess production of thyroid hormone, swelling of the thyroid and lumps, growth of

An uncontrolled thyroid can affect any organ

 An uncontrolled thyroid can affect any organ The thyroid is a 10 to 25 gram butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck, which produces the hormones thyroxine (T-30) and triiodothyronine (T-40) in the body. These hormones, which are needed by every part of the body, control the process of converting food into energy. When these two hormones are low or high, when the balance of the thyroid is disturbed, it is understood that there is a problem related to the thyroid. Which is said to be thyroid in dialect. Too much hormone is called hyperthyroidism and too little is called hypothyroidism. Among these, the most common problem is hypothyroidism. Similarly, hyperthyroidism is seen only in few people. The problem is more in women This problem is more common in women than in men. It has been found that this disease is more common in women due to disturbances in immune system. If the mother has thyroid, there is a possibility that the baby will also have it after birth. In some cases, ev

What should thyroid patients eat and not eat?

 What should thyroid patients eat and not eat?  Different hormones are necessary for the body to function properly. Thyroid is also a type of hormone in the body. It increases the metabolism in the body and controls the cells. Thyroid is not a disease, it is a gland in the neck. It makes T3 and T4 hormones. It helps the body to deliver the required elements to various organs and cells and the body gains strength. Metabolism is something that is needed by all body parts including lungs, bones, skin, heart. If there is a problem in the thyroid gland, it is considered to be a thyroid problem. Too much hormone is called hyperthyroidism and too little hormone is called hypothyroidism. It is mandatory for thyroid patients to take medicine to control it. Also, nutritionist Pratima Sen KC says that healthy diet and lifestyle are equally important for thyroid control. "Many people with thyroid problems are very confused about what kind of diet to follow, whether to eat vegetables such as c

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