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Is drinking buttermilk beneficial for diabetic patients? Learn from the experts

 Is drinking buttermilk beneficial for diabetic patients? Learn from the experts Is Buttermilk Good For Sugar Patients: Diabetes patients can drink buttermilk. Its glycemic index is low and digestion is better. Diabetic patients should be very conscious about their diet. Even carelessness can cause their blood sugar levels to deteriorate. Obviously, it is important to keep blood sugar stable. If the blood sugar is not stable, then it can have a bad effect on health. Even kidney and heart health can be affected. However, summer is the season. These days everyone is including buttermilk in their diet. Drinking buttermilk is very good for health. Drinking buttermilk on these days keeps the stomach cool, improves digestion and also relieves problems like constipation. The question is, can diabetics also drink buttermilk? We spoke to Dietician and Nutritionist Divya Gandhi of Diet n Cure about this. Can diabetics drink buttermilk? Buttermilk is drunk a lot in summer days. People often prefe

Why does it take more time for diabetic patients to heal their wounds? Find out the cause and tips to prevent infection from your doctor

 Why does it take more time for diabetic patients to heal their wounds? Find out the cause and tips to prevent infection from your doctor Wound healing takes longer in diabetic patients. Learn about the reasons behind this from a doctor here. Diabetic patients often have problems. They have to strictly follow everything from food to exercise. After the blood sugar level increases, many disparities begin to occur in diabetic patients, one of which is the time it takes for the wound to dry. Have you ever wondered why diabetic patients take time to heal wounds? If you are also a diabetic patient and if this happens to you, then this article can come in handy. In this article we will tell you about some important things related to it. This usually happens when the patient's blood sugar level is high. To get more information on this topic, we spoke to Diabetologist Dr. Shaiwal Chandalaya of Jaslok Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai. Let's know about it. 1. Increased blood sugar

How safe are collagen supplements used for hair growth?

 How safe are collagen supplements used for hair growth? Everyone is worried about hair loss or thinning. Because it spoils the beauty and appearance of the face. There is not only one cause of hair loss. Stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive use of chemicals and sleep problems are the main ones. Regardless of the reason, nowadays people take over-the-counter products, home remedies and not just supplements to solve this problem without examining the cause. Of which collagen supplements are currently in discussion. What is collagen? Collagen is a protein, which contains amino acids such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. It helps to strengthen every part of our body including hair, muscles, blood vessels. The body also gets collagen from what we eat. As you get older. The collagen decreases. For this reason, collagen users have increased thinking that it is a safe option for hair growth. How appropriate to use collagen supplements? Experts who have studied this say that there is n

What to do after abortion?

 What to do after abortion? Sometimes there is such compulsion, where abortion is necessary. Like if the fetus is not developing properly, if there is any problem, if there is any complication in the pregnancy. Apart from that, even if there is an unwanted pregnancy, this option should be adopted. Unsafe relationships also force abortion. Forced abortion is necessary. However, abortion should not be taken lightly. As abortion is legal and its services are easily available, the tendency to have unprotected sex and have an abortion is not good. It can make women sick for a long time. How is abortion done? It is very important to have an ultrasound before the abortion. It shows how many days the pregnancy is and whether the baby is inside the uterus or not. After the ultrasound, the method of abortion is decided. If the pregnancy is up to nine weeks, the pill can be used for abortion. The pill causes abortion with bleeding. This option does not work if nine weeks of pregnancy have passed.

"Having thyroid during pregnancy can be a risk to the baby"

 "Having thyroid during pregnancy can be a risk to the baby" There may be some complications during pregnancy. Thyroid is one of them. What happens if you have a thyroid during pregnancy? Can there be any risk to the unborn child? Can children born with thyroid be disabled? What options can be adopted if there is a thyroid in this situation? Thyroid disease specialist Dr. Online journalist Sumitra Luitel's conversation with Madhu Pandey: What kind of problem is the thyroid? How to understand it simply? The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck. The hormones released from it control and influence the work of many parts of the body. If there is any obstruction in the production of thyroid or its related hormones, it will cause many problems. Some people call the thyroid itself a disease, but it is not. There are problems such as goiter, low production of thyroid hormone, problem of excess production of thyroid hormone, swelling of the thyroid and lumps, growth of

Aspirin: Medicine from pain to heart attack prevention

 Aspirin: Medicine from pain to heart attack prevention Aspirin is such a drug, which helps to reduce not just one but many health problems. It is used to reduce general body aches, headaches, swelling due to injuries and high temperature (fever). Not only that, this medicine has blood thinning properties. Due to this, even heart attacks and paralysis that are about to clot can be saved by giving this medicine as soon as possible. It belongs to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs. History of medicine Thousands of years ago, the citizens of Greece and Egypt used the bark of the yellow plant to treat pain and fever in any part of the body. It would also heal. Little by little, experts searched for the properties of the bark of that plant. It was discovered that salicin was present. In the 19th century, chemists were able to isolate salicylic acid and turn it into a medicine. However, salicylic acid showed more heartburn and other side-effects in patients. In 1897, Felix Hoffmann, a Germ

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