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What to do when you have high blood pressure?

What to do when you have high blood pressure? In today's busy lifestyle, high blood pressure has become a chronic disease seen in many. Many people do not take it seriously because high blood pressure does not immediately show any complicated problems in the body. But due to this, big health problems can occur. So you should check your blood pressure every now and then. Generally, blood pressure is considered normal if it is above 140 and below 80-90. Above 120 to 139 or below 80 to 89 is called prehypertension. This is the condition before high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is above 140 or more, it is called high blood pressure. Should blood pressure be taken or not? First of all, we should know whether the blood pressure is really high or not. Because sometimes fever, stress, fear, panic, sudden events can increase the pressure. Similarly, measuring blood pressure after morning walk or exercise can show high blood pressure. But it is only momentary, you don't need to

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