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Why do girls get excited after shopping?

Why do girls get excited after shopping?

As the date of Dashain approaches, the season of shopping has begun. In the context of Dashain, it is said, "The festival of eating sweets and wearing good clothes."

It is also the prime season for shopping, from clothes to food. When it comes to shopping, women are pushed ahead. What is established in the society is that women never get tired of shopping.

While shopping, women don't feel hassled, they don't feel tired, they don't realize that the day has passed. After all, why are women so excited when it comes to shopping?

"Shopping is an art in itself," says psychologist Gopal Dhakal.

Shopping is not only a complicated process, it is also exciting. However, as women have patience and endurance, they are suitable for shopping. They spend a lot of time even buying the same material, checking it for good or bad, bargaining for the right price. Psychologist Dhakal says that men do not have such patience.

When it comes to shopping, women are equally careful about their clothes and cosmetics. It is said that no matter how many clothes are worn by women, it is not enough. They always lack clothes when they go out of the house.

Let's listen to actress and television presenter Reema Vishwakarma.

After shopping, his tired muscles also start to tighten. Reema especially likes to buy clothes. "It doesn't matter whether it's branded or not," says Reema, "when you see it right away, you want to buy it."

But she is shopping not only for herself but also for her family. When she returns home from abroad, she always carries something for her family members. She spends up to one and a half lakh rupees in many shopping trips.

Shopping reduces stress

Psychologist Dhakal says that while shopping, women forget some of their stress and become happy. Actress Pooja Sharma's experience matches her statement. Pooja says, 'Shopping is like medicine for me. I feel very light and agile when I buy the things I like.'

He does not have a specific plan before shopping. After reaching the market, she picks up the ingredients she likes. She used to go to Bhatbhateni Superstore to buy household items. He finds Bhatbhateni Superstore convenient for shopping as it has everything from salt to gold. She buys up to Rs 50,000 at a time.

While men consider shopping a hassle, women consider it a joy. It also increases self-confidence. Similar is the experience of actress Suraksha Pant. "If you go shopping when you are stressed, you will feel happy," says Suraksha, "it will relieve stress and increase self-confidence."

She goes out alone for shopping. She mostly buys books, clothes and shoes. There is no special shopping place for her, she goes from footpath to big shopping center.

Former Miss Nepal Usha Khadgi is happy while shopping. When she is happy, she goes shopping to exchange her happiness or to cheer her up when she is sad. However, she has her own boutique, where clothes are available as mentioned. However, while walking on the road, he is not lazy to buy the things he likes.

Now there is a trend of online shopping. Usha also finds it easy to shop online.

How much is not enough?

It is said that no matter how many clothes are worn, it is not enough for a woman. There is a confession in it, even by Usha Khadgi. I have my own boutique. There is a store of clothes," she says, "but sometimes you have to think about what to wear when you go out for a walk."

He believes that God has made the nature of women like this. Usha says, 'No matter how many cosmetics, how many clothes we have, we always lack.'

However, Reema argues that the current generation is different. ``It is said that shopping is not enough for girls,'' says Reema, ``but I have found the current situation, understanding, lifestyle to be a little different. I think the current generation is more practical than us.

Actress Suraksha Pant has also stopped buying clothes as casually as before. She also keeps old clothes. "I wear the clothes I like many times," says Suraksha, "I keep all the clothes I like."

Know how to bargain

Women are better at bargaining than men. After purchasing any material, they know how much the price is reasonable according to its quality.

Suraksha says, "Bargaining is necessary to determine the correct price of any item." Especially in big shopping centers, she bargains for items she likes. He does not like to bargain in small shops. In some cases, he has the experience of getting goods at a much different price than expected while bargaining.


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