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Those who are confused about being thin and thin, how do gain weight?

Those who are confused about being thin and thin, how do gain weight?

People are under stress because obesity has increased. Therefore, there is a search for many formulas to reduce obesity. But as many people are worried about fat stomach or obesity, the thin-skinny tribe is no less than that.

Friends jokingly say, ``When the wind is blowing, you have to put a stone in Goji''. As if taken out of the house while eating.'

When you become thin and thin, you will not even be able to fit your clothes. The body does not look good. But the pain of being thin is not only that. Even doctors do not consider unnatural thinness to be good. Because the ideal weight of a person is determined according to the height, the correct ratio of which is the indicator of a healthy body. But unnatural thinness raises doubts about whether there is any problem in a person's health.

From increasing the amount of food to taking medicine to increase body weight. But relatively they do not gain weight. The body is there. What is the reason for this? What is the solution?

A thin person should pay attention to a balanced routine, diet and exercise to increase body weight. And, the most important diet plan should be made.

For this you should eat healthy calorie rich food five times a day. Avoid junk food, fast food and cold drinks as much as possible. After eating such food, the stomach is full, but the body does not get the necessary nutrition. It is advisable to drink five liters of water daily along with these foods.

It is important to balance breakfast, dinner, breakfast, evening meal etc.

Breakfast in the morning

Make morning breakfast mandatory. Breakfast should include seasonal fruits. Let's drink a glass of milk with this. If you don't want to eat milk, you can eat eggs. Along with that, you should eat any one of oats, satu, dry bread, cornflakes, pulses.


Breakfast is normal Nepali dalbhat. As much as possible, include vegetables, greens, salad and fish meat in addition to pulses.

Afternoon snack

Breakfast should be made with curd, fruits, nuts, mung dal, pudding or kheer. If one cannot eat breakfast due to busy schedule, one should carry almonds, cashews, raisins.

You can have the same breakfast at 5 pm.


Dinner is eaten like dal and rice as lunch. Similarly, bread, vegetables, salad are also suitable. But the amount should be reduced a little more than the lunch.

Do you gain weight only by eating too much?

Eating a lot of food does not necessarily lead to weight gain. Gaining weight in particular means gaining muscle in the body. For this, the body needs nutritious food. You should eat foods rich in protein and fat along with carbohydrates that provide strength to the body. It is advisable to eat more pulses, vegetables and salad than rice. With this type of diet, the body weight increases with the correct pattern.

To gain weight, the amount of calories should be increased. But its quantity should not be arbitrary. Eating too many calories can lead to diabetes and heart disease. In essence, you should eat balanced, fresh and healthy food. Food should include vegetables, fish, pulses, pulses.

Exercise is also important

People exercise to lose weight. While weight gain also requires exercise. Exercise because the body has to digest the food we eat. Therefore, exercise strengthens the digestive system. Proper exercise balances the metabolic rate.

Why is thinness?

There is also a hereditary reason for thinness. If the parents are thin, the children will naturally be thin. Similarly, babies born prematurely during pregnancy are also thin. Even if the mother does not eat enough nutrients during pregnancy, the fetus is malnourished.

Some people have a high metabolism, but the body is not getting enough calories. In such a situation, they become weak. Due to hormonal disturbances, even if you eat as much as you eat, there is also the problem of getting thin. In some cases, the thyroid is also causing the problem of thinness.

What is the effect?

When you are too thin, your body's immune system is weak. If they are consuming as many calories as they take or if they are not able to store them, they can quickly get sick. Especially the risk of communicable diseases is high.

What should be the weight?

The body mass index (BMI) indicates how much a person's weight should be according to their height. 18 A body mass index of 5 to 25 is considered normal. 25 to 29.9 is considered obesity.

Similarly, if seen above 30, it is considered excessive weight gain.

On the other hand, according to the World Health Organization, people with a normal weight of 18.5 to 22.9 and a BMI of more than 23 are overweight based on the diet and lifestyle of South Asia. However, BMI is not applicable in gyms and pregnant women because of weight loss.

How appropriate is it to take medicine to increase obesity?

There are many types of drugs in the market, weight gain. These drugs stimulate appetite, so the body demands more food. Weight gain drugs can cause weight gain, but they can also have side effects.

Rather than taking medicine, it is better to identify the weakness and find the right solution.

According to Medical Today, thinness is associated with many health problems. The main reason for this is that people who are underweight may eat less food, which can lead to malnutrition. For example, vitamin D deficiency can have a negative effect on bones. Lack of calories causes problems such as fatigue, hair and skin problems and nausea.


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