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"Do not be afraid of chemotherapy"

"Do not be afraid of chemotherapy" Cancer patients start to panic as soon as they have to undergo chemotherapy. The side effects of chemotherapy are stressing them. While this therapy is more than just a friend for cancer patients. So forget its side effects and know something about chemotherapy. What kind of treatment is chemotherapy? Should you be afraid of chemotherapy or not? What are its side effects? Cancer specialist Dr. Conversation with Arun Shahi: What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the most common treatment method for cancer. Chemotherapy is the drug used in the treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. It works by stopping cancer cells from forming, growing and dividing other cells. What stage of cancer patients are given chemo? Cancer patients should be given chemotherapy according to their condition, stage and type of cancer. Some people should be given chemo at zero stage, while some should be given only at the fourth stage. Usuall

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