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What signs do people give before committing suicide?

What signs do people give before committing suicide?

Does any person commit suicide on impulse or planned? Does a sudden change in mood lead people to commit suicide or is it due to long-term depression?

Actually there is no exact answer.

Suicide has many aspects. Not all suicides are planned or impulsive. Some are planned and some are impulsive. Suicide has biological and psychosocial effects.

Some have a family history of mental illness. Even if a member of the family commits suicide, it can be affected. People with antisocial personality and drug and alcohol abuse are more likely to have more biological effects of suicide.

In terms of psycho-social influence, a person with a somewhat eccentric nature who, if he says he is going to do something, will stop doing it. People who get angry at small things and have a mood of anger are also more likely to commit suicide. Unable to cope with various economic conditions and natural calamities, they commit suicide as they have no other option but to die.

Most suicides in depression are planned. People commit suicide in a planned manner, giving their property to others, entrusting their children to someone else, writing a suicide note and leaving the family behind after their death. If there is a personality problem, drug addiction and a big calamity, suicide may be committed on impulse.

When the situation ceases to be favorable to him, he begins to show symptoms of various mental illnesses. When life is considered meaningless and when it reaches the peak of despair, it starts to think of harming itself.

When a person begins to weigh the reasons for living and the reasons for dying

Thoughts of suicide can come to a person in any difficult situation. If the thought comes, it is not considered as a big problem. Most healthy people do not think of harming their lives. But sometimes even a healthy person may think like 'I would rather die than live this life', 'I would rather be hit by a car than live such a burdensome life'.

When a person starts having thoughts of suicide on a daily basis, then his psychosocial condition deteriorates. When there is no treatment for mental illness, thoughts of suicide come. At first it comes in the form of a thought, after that thought started coming regularly, he started telling that thing to his close friend. If he starts saying that he will die while drinking alcohol, he starts planning to commit suicide in some way.

In severe mental illness, he also starts hearing voices that say to commit suicide. When he feels that there is no plan in his life, he considers his life worthless and keeps on thinking whether he should die or not. He begins to weigh the reasons for living and the reasons for dying. Then a person can plan months for suicide.

Self-harm due to inferiority complex

Suicidal thoughts also come in a normal way like any other thoughts. A healthy and normal person who is happy in his life, happy with his family and work, does not have such thoughts.

But when the situation ceases to be favorable to him, he begins to show symptoms of various types of mental illness. When life is considered meaningless and when it reaches the peak of despair, it starts to think of harming itself.

He doesn't like anything, he doesn't sleep, he doesn't like food, he can't have fun with his friends and when he starts thinking that there is no meaning in this life, he can commit suicide.

People change before committing suicide

A person who has thoughts of suicide is also going through an unusual mental state. He thinks that dying is not the only option, but he does not see the way. People who have this kind of thinking begin to show behavior such as not mixing with others, trying to live alone, trying to stay away from their family and friends, and not wanting to mix with the things they like.

It seems that people who have thoughts of suicide sometimes consume drugs and alcohol to get rid of such thoughts. A person who has thoughts of suicide is also trying to get help from his close people in some way.

When trying to get away from everyone

You can find a change in the behavior of a person who has thoughts of suicide. Such people show signs of not mixing with other people, trying to live alone, trying to stay away from their family and friends, and not being able to enjoy what they like.

There is also a case of meeting your best friend and thanking them in an unusual way by saying, "Thank you, you have always helped me".

They have been planning for months

Impulsive suicide can happen within minutes, hours or even a day. It is more common in younger people, people with substance abuse and personality problems.

Planned suicide is planned for days, weeks and months. The duration of suicidal thoughts is not limited, the personality, lifestyle and psychosocial conditions of the person determine the duration.

They can talk about suicide with close friends

They express that they are committing suicide only with their best friend. They may have expressed such things to their husband, wife, close family members and best friends.

Nowadays, the use and influence of social media is more, that's why some people write or share posts of inferiority and disappointment on social media.

Public awareness is necessary

A person who thinks of suicide is confused. Why did I have such a thought? He does not understand whether this is a symptom of mental illness. Normal people don't think about dying. If someone has thoughts of dying, it can be a sign of mental illness, if the person who has thoughts of suicide expresses it to someone close to them.

If someone comes to you and talks about suicide, you should listen to him without prejudice. Many people did not listen to him properly and thought, what is the reason for you to die? They ignore that. That's why he can't speak openly. So if someone comes to you and talks about suicide, you should listen to it seriously and confidentially. Even if you listen to him carefully, he will feel some relief. After that, the person who can give the right support to that friend should be brought in contact with a psychiatrist, a person trained in mental health or a health worker. Who should support him and help him change his thinking.

When a content starts to freeze for no reason

People with suicidal thoughts can use pesticides, ropes, weapons without any reason. They can also be seen strolling in Bhir and bridges for no reason.

It is also seen that some young people commit suicide by consuming medicines without consulting a doctor.

More suicides at night

There has been no study in Nepal about what time most suicide attempts are made, according to studies conducted in other countries, suicides are more common at night.

The reason why a person who commits suicide chooses night is to think that no one will rescue them. A person who tries to commit suicide on impulse can do it at any time, but a planned person commits suicide by looking for a time when no one can save him.

What to do when thinking about suicide?

If you have thoughts of suicide, you should contact a mental health specialist. According to the advice of the experts, you should take medicine and take counseling, which will keep the thoughts of suicide.

Care should also be taken when writing suicide news

Care must also be taken when writing suicide news. In this, the privacy of the person should be maintained, how and under what circumstances the person committed suicide should not be revealed. The picture of a person who commits suicide should not be kept in public.

Even if suicide news is to be published/broadcast, suicide prevention material should also be published. Helpline 1166 should also be promoted for suicide prevention. There are many reasons for suicide. There is only one reason people don't commit suicide. Therefore, suicide reporting should also be done in a responsible manner. It can also prevent suicide.


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