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6 things, you must pay attention when buying medicine

6 things, you must pay attention when buying medicine When we are sick, we go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. If there is a doctor's prescription, then most of them have the habit of buying the medicine they need quickly. But when we buy medicine in this way, we are not paying attention to many things. Therefore, special attention should be paid to these 6 things while purchasing medicine. Buying medicine according to doctor's prescription Always buy medicines only according to the prescription after consulting a doctor. You should not buy self-medication. Similarly, medicines should be bought only from pharmacies that have an officially registered certificate. When buying medicine, you should not buy medicine that is not written in the prescription but that works the same way, but the medicine of another company's pharmacy tries to give it. Such drugs can have positive or negative effects on the body. Therefore, such medicine should not be purchased. Because as soon as th

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