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How much water should children drink?

 How much water should children drink? Previously, gastric and ulcer problems were seen mostly only in adults. But nowadays many school, college going children and teenagers have gastric problems. Changing diet and lifestyle are responsible for this. To tell the truth, today's children do not even have time to eat, and they do not even have a place to eat. Children are more busy than working adults. You have to get up in the morning and prepare to go to school. Food has to be eaten in a hurry, otherwise the school bus will miss. The pressure of studying in school is the same. They eat during the breaks for breakfast and lunch. But the food available at school may not always be suitable for their health. In school, they have greasy, samosa fried in oil, pakoda, noodle soup, chowmein, masham as their lunch in the morning. There is a lot of flour in the lunch of the canteen. In some colleges, students work while studying. Because they have to reach the office early in the morning, the

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