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Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

Although it sounds normal, the question that is lost in the mind of common women is, why panties get dirty and dirty quickly? This is also an important question related to women's reproductive health. Often women's panties may be stained and wrinkled. There is no single reason for this.

Generally, if you don't change your panty for a long time or if you don't clean it properly after urinating, it will quickly get dirty and dirty. Apart from that, the menstrual cycle is another main reason. Vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) before or after menstruation makes the panty dirty. It has four different phases, menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal.

In these four stages there are different types of vaginal discharge of different colors. It is a white and thick liquid. Apart from that, there is a kind of acidic fluid in the genitals, which is called pH acid.

This causes the panty to get wet, stiff, and then dry and the panty becomes wrinkled. That's why panty will be dirty.

What is acid pH?

Generally, the pH level of acid in the genitals should be less than or equal to 4.5. But before and after menstruation, the pH level may decrease. At this time, bad bacteria can grow and lead to infection.

If the pH is high in the genitals, the risk of bacterial growth is high. In such cases, abnormal brown, white or yellow vaginal discharge occurs. It smells like fish. In this way, there is excessive itching during vaginal discharge and burning during urination.

Vaginal discharge is normal?

Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural condition. It protects the genitals from external infections. Therefore, this acidic substance should not be cleaned too much.

Most women or teenagers have a little vaginal discharge on a daily basis. But its quantity is more during egg making. It is white in color. If there is excessive vaginal discharge, it should be cleaned only. If you have a lot of vaginal discharge daily, you should see a doctor.

To keep the genitals dry?

It is summer now. At this time, sweat and vaginal discharge can cause fungal infection. Therefore, it is better to keep the outer part of the genitals dry, but the inner part of the genitals should be moist.

How to clean the genitals?

The vagina should not be cleaned frequently. Can be cleaned once or twice a day. But for cleaning, soapy water should not be cleaned daily. It happens once a week when cleaning with soapy water. At other times, only water should be used to clean it.

After urinating, tissue paper or a clean soft cloth can be used to dry the genitals.

What panty is suitable?

Cotton panty is comparatively useful. Wearing nylon or silk panties does not absorb fluids, which increases the risk of infection.


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