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Why should parents help children to do 'homework'?

Why should parents help children to do 'homework'?

Along with studying, homework is also considered mandatory. How important is homework? Academicians are divided on this. Some have said that homework is necessary to improve students' studies, while some have argued that there is no point in homework.

In particular, there is a trend of giving homework to re-memorize or practice the lessons read in class throughout the day. But children cannot do all the homework quickly. The teachers say, 'In such a situation, parents and guardians have to help with homework.'

Vinita Ranjith, Principal of Panchakanya Basic School, Baluwatar, says that the time given to the children when the parents complete their homework also has a positive effect on the children.

"When the teacher teaches what the teacher teaches at school, they understand more deeply when they sit together at home and learn what they don't understand, it makes their learning more effective," she says.

Teacher Moin Uddin says that children's learning is not complete without the help of parents. Children do not know the importance of learning. We teach until we are in school. They forget everything and start concentrating on other things," he says. "Even at home, if parents ask and teach, they remember everything. They write, they learn and their minds are filled with joy.

Psychologist Dr. Dr. Karuna Kunwar says. Children seek the attention of their parents. They get that attention when doing homework and it has a positive effect on them. It also strengthens the relationship between the child and the parent,” she says. Psychologist Dr. Kunwar says.

How to do homework?

Principal Ranjith says that parents should understand their child's age, physical and mental condition in order to help them do homework, read and understand. According to him, the support of parents is mandatory for children studying in small classes. Since young children cannot read, understand and write by themselves, their parents should also teach them by reading and writing. Parents have to take their 'homework' by hand and show them. But Ranjit says that there should be no pressure to write and read like her. He says that there is a big difference in the performance of children who have received help from their parents and children who have not received help in doing 'homework' in school.

The performance of those children who are given time by their parents at home is different. They have the nature to get along with their friends, to confidently ask and tell their teachers. She suggests that young children should do their homework in a creative and playful way because it is difficult for them to concentrate.

There is a situation where children studying in public schools do not get support according to their needs. "Most of the parents of children studying in public schools in the city are not interested in their children's education because they have to work day and night for wage labor," says Ranjit, "because of which the children do not get support as needed."

She says that parents who should be busy in this way can be helped by coordinating with the teacher and making them recite and write what they have learned and read in school throughout the day.

Teacher Moin says that young children learn faster by making them play and sing songs instead of writing and teaching them in a fun way. What is learned at a young age affects the whole life. Therefore, parents should take serious interest in their children's learning and support them," he says. Teacher Moin says that parents should give relatively more time to children who have problems such as forgetting quickly and understanding slowly.

Cases of child abuse are also increasing. Therefore, when teaching homework, one should understand the things taught by the teachers in the school and their behavior as well. Kunwar says. "Parents making homework is not just about teaching, asking, teaching, and writing about books. It is also to understand the behavior of them or towards them in school, to observe the behavior of children,'' she says.

Coordination between teachers and parents

Coordination between teachers and parents is important for children's personality development. However, Principal Ranjith's experience is that there is less coordination between teachers and parents in public schools. There are very few aware parents. "There are very few parents who come to the school with an interest in the student's matter and try to understand the concerned teacher," she says.

Students and parents find it difficult to make them do homework. Even when teaching at home, children are afraid of being beaten. It is also found that parents beat them when they refuse to do homework and study.

Therefore, there is a need to educate parents on this matter, says Kunwar, a psychologist. We parents also lack education. "They don't know how to teach children, how to behave," she says.

Ranjith says that Panchkanya Basic School called the parents of class 7 and 8 and asked them to help their children study at home. As the children grow older, their nature also changes, parents should be aware and behave with moderation, but due to the lack of parental education, instead of understanding the problems of the children, they scold and beat them, she says. We school tries to remind and explain to the parents. But this is not enough for parental education.

Teacher Roin says that not only uneducated, daily wage earning parents but also educated parents are relying on teachers and schools. Parents don't have the time to spend with their children now. "Uneducated parents do not know how to teach their children and give them time, while educated and working parents have less free time," he says. He says that there is not only coordination between teachers and parents, but parents must give time to children.


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