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What to do when you have high blood pressure?

What to do when you have high blood pressure?

In today's busy lifestyle, high blood pressure has become a chronic disease seen in many. Many people do not take it seriously because high blood pressure does not immediately show any complicated problems in the body. But due to this, big health problems can occur.

So you should check your blood pressure every now and then. Generally, blood pressure is considered normal if it is above 140 and below 80-90. Above 120 to 139 or below 80 to 89 is called prehypertension. This is the condition before high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is above 140 or more, it is called high blood pressure.

Should blood pressure be taken or not?

First of all, we should know whether the blood pressure is really high or not. Because sometimes fever, stress, fear, panic, sudden events can increase the pressure. Similarly, measuring blood pressure after morning walk or exercise can show high blood pressure. But it is only momentary, you don't need to take medicine at this time.

But in case of high blood pressure test by ABPM method under doctor's supervision for 24 hours, medicine should be taken. Not taking medicine directly and indirectly affects the main parts of the body. For example, there is a risk of weakening of the heart, weakening of the muscles, stroke, and weakening of the eyesight. Heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage, kidney failure and even paralysis can occur at any time.

Do you have to take medicine for the rest of your life?

People with high blood pressure should take medicine. It should be understood that this medicine is to be taken for survival rather than for survival. Uncontrolled blood pressure directly and indirectly affects various parts of the body. Therefore, medicine is necessary to balance the blood pressure of people with high blood pressure and to protect other organs. Therefore, there is a risk of premature death of the patient if he does not eat or skips using the excuse that he needs to eat for the rest of his life.

Can only medicine cure?

The first way to control high blood pressure is to take medicine. If high blood pressure is controlled by gradually changing the lifestyle, you can also stop taking medicine on the advice of a doctor.

Apart from this, blood pressure can be controlled by the patient exercising regularly, eating fresh, healthy and balanced food, and eating less salt.

If you have high blood pressure, what kind of food should you eat and what should you avoid?

Green vegetables, fruits, fiber rich foods should be eaten in a balanced amount.

It is better to avoid packet food, processed food, greasy and salty food available in the market. Similarly, if you have the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, you should also give it up. If a person who has high blood pressure only takes medicine and does not make any changes in food, it will not be beneficial.

Sleeping, waking up schedule and exercise

You should sleep at least seven to eight hours regularly. After that, physical exercises like aerobics, meditation and yoga can be done in the morning. It helps to reduce or control high blood pressure. A patient with high blood pressure should not do weight lifting or other heavy exercises, it can increase the blood pressure.


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