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Movie Story Time | Get The GRIFT 2021

Movie Story Time | Get The GRIFT 2021 Man Found 58 Loopholes To Never Pay For Food In Any Restaurants, Clothes And Even Shelter After a botched scam, Clóvis bumps into Lohane, his estranged foster sister. In a bind, they soon realize the only way out is to band together.

WATERWORLD 1995 | Movie Story Time

WATERWORLD 1995 | Movie Story Time When Earth Is Filled With 100% Water And 0% Land; Dirt Costs $1000 per grain The melting of polar ice has resulted in all continents becoming submerged in water, forcing humans to adapt to their new environment. They now live in rugged, floating communities known as atolls, feeding on seafood and living off trades. Plants, dirt, and soil cost more than gold and people use their urine for cultivation due to a lack of fresh water.

Movie Story Time | I AM MORTAL (2021)

 Movie Story Time | I AM MORTAL (2021) The premise of the movie is set far in the future.  Because of excessive and unethical use of natural resources, the world faces a new pandemic every year that kills billions of people. Humans have started to see life as a curse as they can catch a deadly virus and die anytime. Then one day, amidst all the disaster, a  scientist named Pilot comes as a blessing to humankind. He makes a genetic discovery that can turn humans immortal, giving people hope to live in a fairytale void of the fear of death. In a short time, he invents the practical use of the discovery and the remainder of the human race transforms into eternal beings. 

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