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Piles are also treated with Kharasutra

Piles are also treated with Kharasutra Piles are not openly discussed or discussed with us. Many are hiding this problem inside. Even those who come to me for treatment do not open up about their pain at first. Sometimes it becomes complicated because the problem of piles is hidden. There will be a situation where surgery is necessary. If piles are detected at an early stage, treatment becomes easier. If you have piles, you will see blood in your stool. There may be pain and itching around the anus. Because the small tubes in the anus become piles due to friction. As the piles grow, the vein swells. In this way, the swollen blood vessels slowly start coming out of the anus. Cause of piles There is not just one reason for having piles. Its root is food. Especially spicy food, junk food, starchy food, fried food can cause this problem. Because such food is not digested easily, due to which diarrhea or constipation may occur. The habit of straining while defecating, the habit of spending

Taking painkillers, Ayurvedic medicines indiscriminately can cause kidney damage.

Taking painkillers, Ayurvedic medicines indiscriminately can cause kidney damage. Kidneys work to dispose of disordered things in the body, filter out toxic substances in the blood, balance water, produce hormones needed to make red blood cells, and manage glucose. But after short-term and long-term disease in the kidney, its ability to work decreases. When the kidneys do not work properly, toxic substances accumulate in the body. As a result, it affects other parts of the body as well. What are the causes of kidney disease? How to avoid this? Nephrology specialist Dr. focusing on this topic. Interview with Sameer Keshari Vaidya: What diseases occur in the kidneys? There are different types of kidney diseases. One is genetic, like polyster kidney disease. A person suffering from this disease has water-filled blisters in their kidneys from birth. Another 'chronic kidney disease' occurs due to diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. Other causes of sudden kidney

What is the way to protect the child from pneumonia?

 How to know that children have pneumonia?   Pneumonia occurs when the infection spreads to the chest or lungs. Symptoms of pneumonia include cough, fever and difficulty breathing. Although this disease can affect people of any age, it can be serious in newborns and young children. Parents should pay attention to the symptoms of pneumonia as children cannot openly express their problems. A child has pneumonia and if not treated in time, the problem can become complicated. So how do you know that children have pneumonia? Kanti Children's Hospital chest and allergy specialist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Jagatjivan Ghimire: What are the causes of pneumonia in children? Children who do not receive the necessary vaccinations at birth are more likely to develop pneumonia. Also, most cases of pneumonia in children are caused by bacterial or viral infections. Children and the elderly have a weak immune system, which is why pneumonia is a problem. If a child stays for a long t

What to do if you get measles?

What to do if you get measles? Measles infection has been observed in some places in Nepal recently. One infected person can spread measles to 12 to 18 people. This disease, which is spread through breathing, can be spread easily when an infected person sneezes, coughs, touches the nose and mouth and does not wash their hands. After getting measles, fever, snot, red eyes, and red spots appear on the body three to four days after the onset of fever. Measles, which occurs mostly in children, can occur in people of any age. To prevent measles, children are vaccinated twice at nine months and at 15 months. Children who miss vaccination are more at risk of getting this disease. How to avoid measles? This is not the only treatment for measles. Therefore, its medicine is the measles vaccine. The main way to avoid measles is to pay attention to hygiene. If you have measles, these measures can be taken. 1. Stay in isolation if you get measles 2. Avoid taking children with measles to crowded or

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly? Although it sounds normal, the question that is lost in the mind of common women is, why panties get dirty and dirty quickly? This is also an important question related to women's reproductive health. Often women's panties may be stained and wrinkled. There is no single reason for this.

Cholesterol patients, what to eat, what not to eat?

Cholesterol patients, what to eat, what not to eat? Cholesterol is a type of fatty substance, which is found in the blood. This cholesterol produced in the liver protects the cells of the body from damage. Cholesterol also helps in the production of hormones and vitamins in the body.

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