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Aspirin: Medicine from pain to heart attack prevention

 Aspirin: Medicine from pain to heart attack prevention Aspirin is such a drug, which helps to reduce not just one but many health problems. It is used to reduce general body aches, headaches, swelling due to injuries and high temperature (fever). Not only that, this medicine has blood thinning properties. Due to this, even heart attacks and paralysis that are about to clot can be saved by giving this medicine as soon as possible. It belongs to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs. History of medicine Thousands of years ago, the citizens of Greece and Egypt used the bark of the yellow plant to treat pain and fever in any part of the body. It would also heal. Little by little, experts searched for the properties of the bark of that plant. It was discovered that salicin was present. In the 19th century, chemists were able to isolate salicylic acid and turn it into a medicine. However, salicylic acid showed more heartburn and other side-effects in patients. In 1897, Felix Hoffmann, a Germ

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