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Do children have to eat breakfast?

Do children have to eat breakfast?

There is a Japanese proverb - eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with your friends and give dinner to your enemies. It indicates what the daily food schedule should be. It is said that you should eat full in the morning, half of it in the afternoon is enough and it is better not to eat at night.

But this eating schedule is opposite to our eating style. We eat little in the morning and gradually increase that amount and eat more at night. While the source of energy needed by the body for the whole day is breakfast. Nutritionists say that breakfast is what we started to miss.

It has been mentioned in various studies that breakfast activates the body's digestive system and provides energy for the whole day. It is said that breakfast should be mandatory to activate the brain and muscles after waking up in the morning. It controls the amount of bad cholesterol and is said to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Our stomach is empty at least 9-10 hours after eating at night. The breakfast after this replenishes the body's energy and nutrient reserves. Breakfast is very important especially for school going children.

Jean-Claude Gogon, Secretary General of the European Association of Teachers, has a long experience of teaching children in schools. He says that children who have breakfast are more alert, energetic and alert in the classroom.

He is not alone in having such an opinion. This was also mentioned in a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 on the health behavior of school children.

What to eat for breakfast?

Nutritionists suggest that gram, scrambled eggs, satu, roti, fried corn-soybeans, millet soup, and jhol vegetables are very useful for breakfast. Likewise, it is appropriate to include sprouted legumes and seasonal fruits in the breakfast. According to the season, whatever is produced in nature can be eaten as a snack. As now kandamool is found. Sakharkhand, Pindalu, Tarul etc. can be very good breakfast.

Nutritionist Arem Karki says, 'You should eat fresh and nutritious food that is produced at home or cooked in your own kitchen. Biscuits, noodles or processed food from the market should not be eaten as breakfast.

Similarly, he says that it is not good to eat curd, banana and almonds on an empty stomach. Drinking coffee and milk tea on an empty stomach can cause gastric problems.

Our catering schedule and breakfast

Nutritionist Arem Karki says that although breakfast is important for children, it is not so essential for adults. "Because our food schedule is different, it doesn't mean that we have to have breakfast in the morning," he says.

Due to work, we eat breakfast at 8-9 am. It is like breakfast for us. "Eating breakfast as soon as you wake up in the morning and eating again at 8-9 may not be so beneficial," says nutritionist Karki.

However, he also insists on eating a full breakfast. The subsequent meals should be reduced gradually. Karki suggests that eating dinner as soon as possible is beneficial. "It's best to eat a light meal at night," he says.


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