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Taking painkillers, Ayurvedic medicines indiscriminately can cause kidney damage.

Taking painkillers, Ayurvedic medicines indiscriminately can cause kidney damage.

Kidneys work to dispose of disordered things in the body, filter out toxic substances in the blood, balance water, produce hormones needed to make red blood cells, and manage glucose. But after short-term and long-term disease in the kidney, its ability to work decreases.

When the kidneys do not work properly, toxic substances accumulate in the body. As a result, it affects other parts of the body as well. What are the causes of kidney disease? How to avoid this? Nephrology specialist Dr. focusing on this topic. Interview with Sameer Keshari Vaidya:

What diseases occur in the kidneys?

There are different types of kidney diseases. One is genetic, like polyster kidney disease. A person suffering from this disease has water-filled blisters in their kidneys from birth. Another 'chronic kidney disease' occurs due to diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.

Other causes of sudden kidney disease are diarrhoea, kidney stones, tumors, kidney injury.

When we get kidney disease, we panic, we think that life is over. Is kidney disease so terrible?

There is no need to rush to treat kidney disease. If the disease is detected and treated in time, the disease can be cured. Therefore, urine test and ultrasound can be done to detect kidney problems.

What is the root cause of kidney disease?

The main cause of kidney failure is high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney nephritis, kidney infection and stones, prostate problem, urinary retention and indiscriminate use of drugs can cause kidney damage.

What are the signs of kidney disease?

In some cases, there may be no signs of kidney problems. But in general, when the kidney is bad, there are signs like nausea, breathing discomfort, stomach ache, insomnia, swelling and tingling in the wrists, burning urine, lack of energy in the body, back pain, swelling of the mouth, loss of interest in food.

Do children get kidney disease?

Kidney disease can also affect children. But mainly seen in them is congenital kidney problem. In premature babies, kidney development may also be a problem.

What kind of kidney problems can children have?

Kidney problems can occur in children due to internal diseases of the kidneys. In addition, there are problems such as ruptured or damaged blood vessels, kidney stones. Urinary tract infections, urinary bladder and duct diseases also cause kidney problems in children.

What to do to prevent kidney disease?

The biggest thing to avoid kidney disease is that we should avoid chronic diseases like sugar and pressure. Since most of these problems are seen in the kidneys, patients with these problems should take regular medication, pay attention to lifestyle and have periodic tests. The biggest thing is to always stop taking painkillers. Ayurvedic medicines should not be taken indiscriminately.

Normal people may also be harming their kidneys by taking painkillers all the time. In addition, it is also important to have regular health check-ups because kidney disease sometimes does not show any symptoms.


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