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What to do if you get measles?

What to do if you get measles?

Measles infection has been observed in some places in Nepal recently. One infected person can spread measles to 12 to 18 people. This disease, which is spread through breathing, can be spread easily when an infected person sneezes, coughs, touches the nose and mouth and does not wash their hands.

After getting measles, fever, snot, red eyes, and red spots appear on the body three to four days after the onset of fever.

Measles, which occurs mostly in children, can occur in people of any age. To prevent measles, children are vaccinated twice at nine months and at 15 months. Children who miss vaccination are more at risk of getting this disease.

How to avoid measles?

This is not the only treatment for measles. Therefore, its medicine is the measles vaccine. The main way to avoid measles is to pay attention to hygiene. If you have measles, these measures can be taken.

1. Stay in isolation if you get measles

2. Avoid taking children with measles to crowded or public places (schools, colleges, parks, restaurants).

3. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

4. Using handkerchiefs, bedding of people with measles

5. Eat light, fluffy foods

6. If there is vomiting, drink the water of life

7. Wearing a mask when caring for a measles patient

8. Only one person to care for the patient

9. Antibiotics can be given according to the doctor's advice if there are problems like fever, itchy eyes, tears, pneumonia. Also feed vitamin A.

Risk of measles

Many people get pneumonia after measles. Similarly, diarrhea occurs, the body becomes weak, thin. Similarly, if a pregnant woman is infected with rubella, there is a risk of stillbirth. Similarly, the joints may be swollen or painful.


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