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What is the way to protect the child from pneumonia?

 How to know that children have pneumonia?

  Pneumonia occurs when the infection spreads to the chest or lungs. Symptoms of pneumonia include cough, fever and difficulty breathing. Although this disease can affect people of any age, it can be serious in newborns and young children.

Parents should pay attention to the symptoms of pneumonia as children cannot openly express their problems. A child has pneumonia and if not treated in time, the problem can become complicated. So how do you know that children have pneumonia? Kanti Children's Hospital chest and allergy specialist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Jagatjivan Ghimire:

What are the causes of pneumonia in children?

Children who do not receive the necessary vaccinations at birth are more likely to develop pneumonia. Also, most cases of pneumonia in children are caused by bacterial or viral infections.

Children and the elderly have a weak immune system, which is why pneumonia is a problem. If a child stays for a long time in a place with indoor and outdoor air pollution, it also causes pneumonia.

If there is a blockage in the child's airway, there is a birth defect, and pneumonia can occur. Pneumonia can also be seen in children who have been sick for a long time.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia?

If the child has a high fever, it can be a symptom of pneumonia. Wheezing in the chest or difficulty breathing is also a symptom of pneumonia.

Symptoms such as rapid breathing and coughing, wheezing, the child becoming weak and losing consciousness are also seen. Blue color of nails or lips can also be a symptom of pneumonia.

Can complications occur due to pneumonia?

If pneumonia is not treated on time, it can cause respiratory complications and complications in other organs as well. Breathing problems, low oxygen in the body, lung problems.

Due to lack of oxygen in the body due to pneumonia, it also affects organs such as the heart and brain. If the pneumonia infection 'sepsis' spreads from the lungs to the whole body, the kidney and brain problems start appearing.

Complications can also occur, including accumulation of water and pus in the lungs.

What is the treatment?

If pneumonia is treated on time, complications can be avoided. If a child has a respiratory problem, first of all it should be found out whether it is a pneumonia infection or another infection.

After it is determined that it is pneumonia, it is treated by taking antibiotics. Antibiotics may not work in viral pneumonia. Let's say pneumonia is caused by influenza, then influenza antiviral should be used. If treated on time, it can be cured quickly.

What is the way to protect the child from pneumonia?

Vaccination including BCG, DPT should be given to newborns to protect them from pneumonia. The child should also be protected from colds and people with colds.

Children should be kept away from smoke and pollution as much as possible. Only mother's milk should be fed for 6 months after birth. It also protects against pneumonia by strengthening the child's ability to fight disease.

In the first three months after birth, the ability to fight disease is reduced. Since most of the vaccinations are started only after three months of birth, it is better not to bring the child into direct contact with many people or crowded places.

Attention should be paid to the diet and nutrition of the child. As a result, his immunity increases and he can avoid infection. If you notice any symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital and seek the advice of a doctor to avoid complications.


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