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Cholesterol patients, what to eat, what not to eat?

Cholesterol patients, what to eat, what not to eat?

Cholesterol is a type of fatty substance, which is found in the blood. This cholesterol produced in the liver protects the cells of the body from damage. Cholesterol also helps in the production of hormones and vitamins in the body.

Nutritionist Bhupal Baniyan says that it is normal to have cholesterol in the blood because it is important for the body, but if it is in an unnatural amount, it can be a problem.

There are two types of cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol, which accumulates in the arterial blood vessels and causes dangerous diseases,'' he says, 'and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as good cholesterol. It carries the bad cholesterol in the body to the liver. So that such bad cholesterol goes out of the body.

Cholesterol should be kept under control. Diet plays an important role in keeping it under control. Therefore, Baniyan says that if you can think about what kind of food increases cholesterol and what kind of diet to adopt for control, other problems caused by cholesterol can be avoided.

Foods that raise cholesterol

Non-vegetarian food should be controlled to prevent cholesterol from increasing. Red meat is high in fat and should be avoided as much as possible. As other meats also contain fat, such foods should be eaten less.

Fried, fried and greasy foods also increase cholesterol. As there are many calories in alcohol, it also increases cholesterol. That's why you should stay away from such foods,' says nutritionist Baniyan.

Do not eat outside food, food made outside in hotels and restaurants uses a lot of oil. Baniyan says that vegetable ghee is used, which is very bad for the heart.

Foods containing trans fat such as fast food, junk food, packaged food also increase the amount of cholesterol. Since various chemicals are used to preserve food in packets for a long time, it increases cholesterol. Therefore, if you have a habit of eating such foods, they suggest ways to reduce them.

Consuming cold drinks, energy drinks and various types of sweets that are used too much also increases cholesterol. Therefore, it is advisable to eat less sugary foods,'' he says.

What to eat?

We hear that people with cholesterol problems should not eat egg yolks. Nutritionist Baniyan says that eating up to two eggs a day does not increase cholesterol. But if the same egg is eaten five times a day, it can increase cholesterol. Therefore, one should pay attention to what kind of food to eat and how much to eat," he says.

Instead of processed snacks like noodle biscuits available in the market, you can eat home-made snacks such as roti, vegetables, curd and chiura. Also, if eating red meat increases cholesterol, he suggests that you can eat chicken instead.

It is good to eat fiber rich foods. It goes to the intestine and reduces the absorption of cholesterol and improves cholesterol,' says Baniyan, 'so you should use foods with a lot of fiber such as fruits and green vegetables.'

Nuts like cashews, almonds and walnuts, avocados, fish and other foods are sources of good cholesterol. Baniyan says that if such foods are included in the daily diet, cholesterol will be under control.

In addition to food, excess weight can also cause cholesterol to increase. Baniyan says, 'Lack of physical activity can also increase LDL, i.e. bad cholesterol. Therefore, exercise should be done along with diet, which helps to keep cholesterol under control.


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