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Risk of gastric ulcer

Risk of gastric ulcer

Gastric has become a common problem now. Experts estimate that about 80 percent of Nepalese will get gastric at some point. Therefore, sarcastically, it is also called 'national disease'.

"Gastric" is called "gastritis" in medical language. Gastritis can affect anyone from children to the elderly.

What is gastric?

Stomach swelling problem is gastric. Hydrochloric acid released from gastric juice helps in digestion of food. People feel gastric when the amount of acid is high for some reason.

After gastric, there are problems such as sour belching, pain in the upper part of the stomach, bloating, swelling, numbness, pain in the middle of the chest, vomiting, lack of appetite, loss of appetite, black stool, body pain and feeling weak.

the reason

Helicopillary germs are the main cause of gastritis in 70 percent. This germ is produced in the body itself. When the production and amount of hydrochloric acid and Helicobacter pylori are not coordinated, then gastric occurs. As the number of germs increases, the stomach starts to swell. Which causes gastric.

Dr. Residue Steward

Similarly, pain relievers such as Nims, Brufin, Flakjan are consumed in excess, and steroids, which are commonly referred to as Ayurvedic medicine, cause gastric enlargement.

Eating more than necessary, going to sleep immediately after eating, drinking tea and coffee in excess, eating in the middle of the night, eating junk food excessively, drinking alcohol, cold drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi also cause the fear of gastric. Also, fear of something, insomnia also causes gastric problems.

Also risk of ulcers

Even though a normal gastric does not seem to have a big impact immediately, sometimes a person may die due to a hole in the stomach and stomach.

After swelling of the stomach, if the medicine is not treated in time, the inside of the stomach will dig out. It is called 'erozones' in medical language. Ulcers occur if 'erozones' increase. If the ulcer is not diagnosed in time, there is a possibility of vomiting blood from the mouth, loss of blood in the body, wounds and holes in the first part of the stomach and intestine.

Similarly, if repeated Hpylori infection causes ulcers for a long time, it can lead to colon cancer. Gastric is suspected as the first symptom of stomach cancer after 40 years. However, not all people with gastric cancer develop cancer.

Gastric medicine should not be taken regularly

Even if you have a normal stomach ache, it is customary to go to the store and take gastric medicine. Some people are not eating regularly. Not all abdominal pain is gastric and gastric medicine should not be taken regularly. Because its side-effects are also many. Taking gastric medicine for a long time damages the digestive system. The drug completely blocks the digestive juices that are released to digest food. Which can cause problems in digesting food, diarrhea, joint problems, pneumonia in respiratory diseases.

Also, it is not necessary to take gastric medicine except in the case of indigestion, vomiting, ulcer, pain in limbs, tooth extraction. For those with gastric, the doctor may recommend taking gastric medicine for two to six weeks.

Identification and treatment

When gastric symptoms are observed, the condition of the intestine is checked by endoscopy to find out what type it is. Treatment is easy for children or young people who have already had gastritis. Under the supervision of a doctor, taking gastric medicine, eating on time, exercising, and sleeping enough in the early stage of gastritis will get better on its own. But in the case of an ulcer, the treatment process should be continued after looking at how much it has affected. However, if there is a hole in the intestine, surgery is required.

Similarly, people with Hpylori infection have to take antibiotics for 14 days.

How to avoid gastric?

-Eat on time, eat properly

-Sleep early, wake up early

- Do not consume alcohol and smoke

- Do not stay hungry for a long time

- Managing stress

- Do not eat spicy food and junk food

- Do not take pain relievers unnecessarily

-Physical exercise.


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