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Movie Story Time | Get The GRIFT 2021

Movie Story Time | Get The GRIFT 2021

Man Found 58 Loopholes To Never Pay For Food In Any Restaurants, Clothes And Even Shelter

After a botched scam, Clóvis bumps into Lohane, his estranged foster sister. In a bind, they soon realize the only way out is to band together.

The movie begins in an elegant restaurant where a man orders a large amount of food after devouring all of it he takes out a fly from his secret ring dips it into his hot chocolate and places it on the table he then calls the staff and points at the dead fly on the table. The staff members immediately apologize for the incident. Still, the man starts berating them in front of everyone as if he is the victim of bad service worried about the goodwill of the restaurant. The manager steps in and lets the man walk away without paying for anything here we get to know that the man's name is Clovis.  He is a professional con artist and has never spent money on food clothes or even shelter on another occasion. He along with his step-sister lohane heads to a fancy clothing store. Clovis orders his sister to go to the changing room and tuck in as many clothes as she can under her shirt then he places one of the clothes into a customer's bag after a while lohane comes out and tells the storekeeper that she didn't like any clothes and that she will be leaving however there is one last problem there is a tag in the clothes and if anyone passes through the door without paying. The alarm starts blaring this is where Clovis's idea comes in as soon as the customer tries exiting the door the sirens go off and the storekeeper stops her taking this as the perfect opportunity Clovis and his sister make a run for it while the alarm is still blaring in this way.

The duo manages to get free clothes let's not pretend this movie isn't giving us all ideas right now getting a free shelter is even easier for Clovis firstly he and lohan pick the best hotel in the city which has all the amenities one could ask for he then approaches the receptionist and provides a check mentioning that he has just deposited the sum but since it's a Saturday the money will only get credited on Monday. The receptionist tries to argue that it won't be possible to give them a room without first receiving the money but Clovis starts blabbering about his rights and finally convinces him this way although he's rich himself he never needs to pay for anything but it was not always this way when he was a kid Clovis lived in a small Brazilian city with his parents he aspired to be a famous painter one day but his dreams hit a roadblock when his parents got separated. 

He then started living with his father and rich mother-in-law but after just one year his father became bored and left Clovis lived with his rich mother-in-law and her new husband but once again just after six months the rich mother-in-law became tired and filed for divorce. In this way, Clovis changed several families during his teenage years and in one such family, he meets his stepsister lohane with whom he gets along very well they get their minds out of the gutter cut to 15 years. Later Clovis moved away from his family and is now living all by himself in Rio de Janeiro. He has continued his passion for painting but just in a different way, he paints realistic replicas of famous paintings and sells them to a corrupt senator who in turn sells them at 10 times the price because of all the illicit dealings Clovis has become a vigorous speaker and has the ability to convince anyone with his speech. He has also become a con artist and deceives people every chance he gets however he has one code that he always follows he only cheats the rich in the next scene Clovis meets his friend Tavino and informs him that he is going to pull off the biggest deception of his life he then takes out some documents and reveals that he is going to sell the iconic christ the redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro expectedly Tavino laughs at the idea as it is virtually impossible to sell a government property however when Clovis elaborates his plan in detail.

He is bound to believe it according to the plan Clovis will pose as a government real estate agent who will then have all the necessary permissions blueprints and the valuations of the site furthermore Clovis has even created a fake website with all the details for the deal the first step is to contact a corrupt businessman who is looking to buy a piece of history for himself at a very low price the final step is to convince him that the deal is real and that's where Clovis's convincing skills come in. He will mention that the government is looking to offload the structure as they want to build something more productive on the spot, Tavino is stunned to hear all this but he lends his car to Clovis and wishes him all the best the next day Clovis contacts some businessmen and sets up the meeting at a very crowded beach surprisingly the men buy into the story and they agree to the deal with this Clovis is handed a large briefcase which contains millions of Brazilian reels elated he dances his way to Tovino's garage and gives him his share of the money even at home. 

Clovis cannot stop dancing and he sleeps with all the money scattered across his bed however his excitement doesn't last long as the next morning the selling of christ the redeemer is all over the news the police have even made a sketch of him calling him a fraudster scared Clovis immediately heads to Divino's garage but instead of asking for help. He just steals a car however when he returns home to retrieve the money he finds that the senator has tracked his location and informed the cops about it furthermore all his money is gone as Clovis calculates the severity of the situation police sirens are heard in the background hence he packs his remaining belongings and immediately makes a run for it.  Just as he is about to escape he runs into a woman who turns out to be none other than his estranged stepsister lohane Clovis starts complaining that it is the wrong time for her to show up as he is having an awful day but Lohain mentions that her day was even worse. 

Following this the movie cuts back two days where lohan is selling burgers in her trailer although the money isn't much she works really hard as she wants to provide the best burgers in town sadly one day two officers show up and ask Lohain for her business registration papers when she mentions that she doesn't have them the officers threaten to take her trailer away lohane pleads with them to let her be but the officers just won't listen left with no other options she bribes them with her entire savings for the month and sends them away however the very next day two separate officers approach her and ask for the papers when lohan tells them that she has already sorted the issue with their colleagues the officers reveal that they have no colleagues hearing this lohane realizes that she has been conned to make matters worse.The officers take her trailer away leaving her broke and alone hence with nowhere to go she decides to meet the only family member she has Clovis back. In the present Clovis urges lohan to get in and speeds away from the place without any explanation for the next few hours Slohan tries to initiate a conversation but Clovis remains silent finally he stops at a secluded place and finally reveals that the police are after him, he then takes her to a hotel and produces yet another masterclass to get them free entry later they head to the fanciest store in town and get some clothes for themselves using their usual strategy following this Clovis starts plotting to rob a bank for this he surveys the beach area with his binoculars and spots a travel company where a rich lady is talking to a sales girl Clovis knows that all the travel companies in the area only trade-in checks so he sends lohane to capture a photo of the rich lady's check. So that he can forge it at first lohan refuses to claim that it's too risky but when Clovis promises to get her trailer back she agrees in the next scene lohan enters the store and strikes an awkward conversation with the sales girl when the rich woman whips out her check lohan pretends to take a selfie and captures the signature she then makes up an excuse and heads outside after a while when the rich woman is left Clovis enters the store pretending to be the rich lady's assistant he mentions that the last check has become obsolete due to some reason so his mistress has sent him with another one in reality the new check is a forged one which belongs to a fake bank account surprisingly the sales girl buys the deception and returns him the previous check without any question after this Clovis heads to the bank and retrieves the large sum claiming that he is the account holder's son with enough money to keep them afloat for months Clovis and lohan decide to celebrate that night however they are spotted by the same sales girl who they had deceived in the day normally clovis always has a plan to get out of tough situations but this time he simply suggests that lohan run which she does after a while, the duo arrives at their hotel gathers their belongings and sets off in their car to another city the next morning lohan and clovis stop at a garage where clovis buys a vehicle for his sister as promised however lohan is not happy because she is getting a combi instead of a trailer which is what she had requested still she accepts it and the two once again part ways with clovis taking all of the money after just a few minutes lohan starts missing her brother and follows him she tells him that she won't let him go unless he provides her with a trailer enraged clovis steps on the gas pedal and tries to leave lohan behind but ends up blowing his car's engine with no options left he is forced to join lohane in her combi later as the brosis duo drive through the countryside.

They start reminiscing about their childhood and they have a good time they even sing some songs passionately and as a result, lohan gets distracted and crashes into an oncoming poultry truck that's one game of chicken she shouldn't have played the duo survives the crash with no injuries. However, they are forced to flee without their money as the police arrive at the scene almost immediately at night the tension in the air gets too much as the two start arguing blaming one another for the situation just then lohane turns on the radio and a news broadcast reveals that the authorities are on the hunt for two con artists who have scammed several people across the city because of this lohan and Clovis are forced to stay inside their vehicle hungry.  However, being the smart guy that he is Clovis quickly comes up with a plan to escape the city the next morning. They head to the local airport disguised as doctors and pretend that they are delivering a live heart to another city expectedly the airport staff stops them claiming that they need to have reservations first but when Clovis mentions that the heart is required for a VIP transplant he agrees with this the two board the flight and con their way to another city Sao Paulo after they arrive at the airport lohan goes to the bathroom to freshen up leaving Clovis alone, unfortunately, some officers recognize him and immediately arrest him. They then escort him away from the place leaving lohan behind in the next scene Clovis is brought to the police station and interrogated by the head commissioner ricardo ricardo tells Clovis that he will be behind bars for at least 20 years but the latter still has an ace up his sleeve he tells the commissioner that he knows a great deal about other criminals and if given the chance he will agree to a plea bargain hearing this Ricardo remembers that he needs promotion and accepts the deal with this Clovis starts revealing about the senator and his ugly money laundering business he even suggests a plan to catch the senator red-handed. The next day Ricardo brings Clovis to his temporary house where he can stay for a week and execute the plan however he has to wear an ankle bracelet so that he can't run away again after Ricardo leaves Clovis calls lohane and learns that she has thrived in Sao Paulo using his khan techniques he doesn't tell her that he is under custody and instead asks her to accompany him in one last heist lohan is skeptical and she doesn't want to get into trouble but Clovis eventually persuades her by promising to provide her with half of the heist money in the evening the two meet at Clovis's apartment and start discussing the plan, first of all, Clovis reveals his entire history about how he used counterfeit paintings and sell them to the senator. He then tells lohan that she has to do exactly the same and become a broker Clovis himself will forge a famous painting and when it's ready lohan will have to contact the senator and sell it at a good price although lohan is scared she agrees as she is in dire need of money with this the two start their preparations Clovis begins painting a famous piece while lohan practices her communication skills.  

A few days later the painting is finally ready and Clovis even manages to contact the senator's assistant Roberto for the deal soon the call arrives and lohane picks it up hesitantly despite being nervous. She negotiates brilliantly and closes the deal at 50 grand the next day she meets up with Roberto at a cemetery and exchanges the painting for the money while Clovis is guiding her through a walkie-talkie after the successful mission the two head to a bar at night and sing their hearts out now Clovis has all the money he wants but there is still one thing he lacks freedom hence in order to achieve it, he has to get the senator behind bars in the next scene an auction is taking place in the city where a lot of rich people including the senator and his assistant are present among the crowd, Ricardo is also seated as an undercover while Clovis is disguised as a waiter soon the auction begins and clovis painting is put up for sale surprisingly the senator's assistant Roberto bids the highest and buys the painting for himself.

 Here weget to know that the senator is using the paintings to convert his illegal cash into white money as auctions don't require sources of funds right then Clovis steps forward with another replica of the painting and reveals to everyone that both copies are fake he also mentions that the senator is a fraud who cheats people for his own good taking this is the perfect opportunity Ricardo also rises from his seat and tries to interrogate the senator however the old man uses his power and influence to simply brush off Ricardo because of this plan fails and Ricardo is left with no choice but to take Clovis.

In the movie then fast forwards 18 months when Clovis is released from prison he narrates that brazil's law is so weak that he was let out after just 18 months despite his original sentence being 20 years outside he is greeted by lohane and the two have an emotional reunion. In the last scene of the movie, the brother-sister duo has finally left their criminal lives behind and they have used the money to start a food stall a lot of customers are present which implies that their business is booming the movie ends as the two promise to be together for the rest of their lives sus. 


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