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Eating stale rice can cause severe damage to health, say experts

 Eating stale rice can cause severe damage to health, say experts

  When you eat the leftover rice later, it is very crispy and delicious to eat. This is one of the favorite dishes of many people. People often store their leftover rice in the fridge and heat it up later. But do you know that doing this can be very harmful to your health? Yes, you read that right! You may be surprised to know, because we all have been consuming leftover rice since childhood. According to Yogacharya and nutritionist Juhi Kapoor, if you don't store leftover rice properly, you may face many problems when you eat it later. In one of his Instagram posts, he explained the harm of eating leftover rice and how to store it properly to prevent it from spoiling. In this article we are telling you about it in detail….

According to nutritionist Juhi Kapoor, "Eating left-over rice should be avoided. When cooked rice is left outside for 2-3 hours, harmful toxins, mold, bacteria start to develop in such rice, and it multiplies faster." Research shows that leftover rice is one of the things in which dirt, bacteria and harmful particles grow the fastest. When you consume them, our rice becomes poisonous. And it produces toxins in the stomach, due to which many types of problems are also seen.

Harms of eating stale rice- Side Effects Of Eating Leftover Rice

Nausea and vomiting may occur

Diarrhea may occur

There may be gas or acidity in the stomach

Problems like bloating and constipation may also occur

Other stomach problems

So should the leftover rice be thrown away?

Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor believes so. You can prevent leftover rice from becoming poisonous by storing it properly in the refrigerator. The most important thing you should take care of is time. You have to store the rice in the refrigerator in time. You should put the rice in a container and store it in the refrigerator within 2 hours of making the rice. In this way the rice can be prevented from spoiling. So keep these things in mind from now on.

Cleansing the face with milk in winter will remove many skin problems

You can use milk to cleanse your face. It gets rid of dry and lifeless skin.

Benefits of Cleansing Face With Milk in Winters: Milk is very beneficial for health. Vitamins and minerals are found in large quantities in milk. Vitamins A, D and B12 are found in milk. It also contains lactic acid. So you should definitely consume milk in your diet. Let us tell you that milk is also beneficial for the skin. Often people apply milk face mask on their face. At the same time, milk is also used as a cleanser and toner. You can cleanse your face with milk every morning and night. Especially, cleansing the face with milk in winter removes many problems. Milk makes the skin soft and supple. Milk also removes the dryness of the skin.

Benefits of Cleansing With Milk in Winters

1. Remove dryness of skin

Skin becomes dry in winter. In this case you can use milk. Milk is a natural moisturizer. Milk has moisturizing properties. In this case, if you cleanse your face with milk, it will keep moisture on the skin. This will remove the dryness of the skin.

2. Deep cleansing of the face

By the way, people use face wash or soap to clean their face. But if you want to cleanse your face naturally, you can use milk. Cleanses the skin deeply and makes the skin clean. If you cleanse your face daily with milk, it will remove all the dirt accumulated on your face easily. You can cleanse your face with milk in the morning and at night.

3. Skin irritation will be removed

You can use milk for cleansing your face. Especially, for those who have sensitive skin, milk can be a good option. If any product on your skin causes irritation or itching, then milk acts as a natural cleanser. Milk relieves skin irritation. Milk removes your skin problems.

4. Hydrates the skin

Milk also helps in hydrating the skin. If your skin is very dry or crusty, then you can cleanse your face with milk. It hydrates the skin and keeps the skin soft.

5. Remove skin blemishes

If you have blemishes or acne on your face, then you can use milk. Milk helps in removing skin blemishes. If you regularly cleanse your face with milk, it will get rid of blemishes and acne to a great extent. In winter, the problem of freckles often increases. In this case, you can clean your face with milk.

What causes low blood pressure in children, know its symptoms and treatment

The problem of blood pressure can happen to adults as well as children. Know more about its causes, symptoms and treatment

Blood pressure problems are mostly related to adults. However, in some cases this problem can also happen to children. Actually, due to changing diet and many times due to genetic reasons, children have to face many kinds of problems at a young age. The problem of low blood pressure in children is known as hypotension. Just as high blood pressure can cause a serious problem, low blood pressure increases the risk of many diseases. Parents have to pay special attention to the care of the child in this problem. Also, the child should be taken to the doctor from time to time. Further, Dr. Ruchira Pahare, a pediatrician at Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Indore, knows what causes low blood pressure in children. Also, the symptoms and treatment of this problem have been explained further.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure in Children


Dehydration may be the most common cause of low blood pressure in children. When the fluid in the body decreases beyond a certain level, the amount of blood can decrease, which can also decrease the blood pressure. Many times children can become dehydrated due to illness and excessive heat.

Heart problems

Heart problems or irregular heart rhythms from birth can be a cause of low blood pressure in children. These conditions can affect the heart's ability to pump blood effectively, which can lower blood pressure.

Endocrine Disorders

Disorders affecting the endocrine system, such as adrenal insufficiency or thyroid dysfunction, can affect blood pressure control. Hormonal imbalance can cause low blood pressure in some children.

Lack of nutrients

Lack of essential nutrients, especially iron and vitamin B12, can affect the production of red blood cells and cause low blood pressure. It is very important to change the diet to maintain the correct level of blood pressure.


Severe infections, (especially those causing septic shock) may result in a sudden drop in blood pressure. This is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure in Children

Fatigue and weakness

Dizziness or dizziness


Difficulty in cognitive development

Blurry or low visibility, etc.

Treatment of Low Blood Pressure in Children - Treatment of Low Blood Pressure in Children

Stay hydrated

In the treatment of low blood pressure, the patient should drink enough water. Ask children to drink enough water regularly, especially during hot weather or illness, children should not change their drinking habits.

A balanced diet

Parents of children can give a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients. If deficiency is found, iron and vitamin B12 rich foods should be included in the diet.


In some cases, doctors may prescribe medications to manage low blood pressure in children. Medicines can be prescribed to control this problem. However, the doctor can make medication decisions based on the cause.

If the children are having any kind of problem then you should take them to the doctor immediately without ignoring it. If the child shows symptoms of low blood pressure, you can consult a doctor.


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