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What does a 'food inspector' do?

What does a 'food inspector' do?

 Those who studied food technology, who like the food of different restaurants? They check the quality of what kind of meat the meat shop is selling, whether the vegetables of the vegetable shop are pesticide-free. I would like to make a proposal regarding the hiring of this type of food inspector contract.

Recently, in the city executive meeting of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) proposed this scheme, and the ears of the consumers stood up. Because the city dwellers are not sure about the food available in the market in Kathmandu. What kind of food are the hotel-restaurants serving? There was no inquiry about this.

There is no regular monitoring and testing of the quality of daily consumable food items such as meat, vegetables, milk, curd. That's why, as actor Rajesh Hamal said, consumers are eating these foods in 'Ram Bharosa'.

How is the food we are eating? Where did you come from? How long can it be used? What is mixed in it? Consumers have to turn a blind eye to these things.

This topic related to consumer food safety has also become a topic of interest and concern for the common city dwellers. In this background, as proposed by Mayor Balen, consumers are hopeful that food inspectors will be implemented to ensure the purity of food.

Food technology is food science. It studies and researches food scientifically. Prof. of Food Technology of Nist College, who teaches methods of making quality food products from grain production. Dr. Dhan Bahadur Karki says.

What is food technology and food technologist?

Food technology is food science. It studies and researches food scientifically. Prof. of Food Technology of Nist College, who teaches methods of making quality food products from grain production. Dr. Dhan Bahadur Karki says.

"It teaches subjects such as when to plant food crops, when to weed, how to store them, what products to produce after processing, how to cook the products and how to eat them," he says.

Also, how is the food? Has the consumer's health been compromised or not? Are there any essential elements required for food production? Karki says that food technologists also have the task of monitoring and researching how food is produced.

Job of Food Technologist

The work of food technologists and food inspectors is to investigate and monitor the entire process from planting food to the time it reaches the plate.

Food inspectors are also getting jobs in the industrial sector in Nepal. Recently, this topic is also a very important topic. There is a great need for people who measure the quality of food in Nepal. Karki says that various municipalities are also employing food technologists as food inspectors. That is why the interest of students in this subject is increasing.

Food technologists are working in the food industry in Nepal. But food technologists are getting jobs in the hotel business. This topic is very good for those who are going to work abroad. But in Nepal, Pandey argues that because the government does not pay attention to the quality of food, we Nepalis are forced to eat food that does not measure the quality.

Food technology is taught in 11 colleges across Nepal. 300 manpower is produced annually in this matter. Those who studied food technology earlier are now involved in various food production companies. Prof. who also works in some food technology and quality control department. Dr. Karki says.

Students who have studied this subject have a deep understanding of food. The importance of food, nutrition from it, physical and mental problems caused by lack of nutrition, chemical composition of food, processing, storage, food hygiene, quality control of food, food laws and laws are known to those who study food technology, he says.

The food technology and quality control department is responsible for quality control of hotels and restaurants. But the quality department is checking the quality only once a year at the time of starting the hotel business and at the time of renovation. Karki says that there is no quality measurement work in unregistered and small hotels.

"The quality is measured in big five-star hotels. But small hotels where middle-class and low-income people go and eat, such hotels do not monitor the quality of food,'' he says.


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