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Does meditation increase brain power?

 Does meditation increase brain power?

In modern life we have to learn many new things about new technology. People are always ready to learn new things. What makes people eager to learn new things? with the brain

The brain has the ability to adapt and behave according to new situations. However, even everyday events can change the brain and change the way it works.

Relation of Meditation to Mental Power

The practice of meditation is thousands of years old. But only a few decades ago, psychologists and psychiatrists began to do intensive research on this. After proving the usefulness of meditation in various researches, it is now being recommended.

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American psychologist David Cresswell wrote about 20 years ago, explaining a lot of research, that peace of mind is related to our daily lives.

According to Breta Holzl, a researcher at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, and Sara Lazar, a researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States, meditation helps to strengthen the brain's memory.

Psychologist Melissa Hogenboom Bernhofer says, 'When meditating, you have to pay attention to your breathing. Actually this process is done by the brain. By doing this, the mind stops paying attention here and there. By concentrating and meditating, we can strengthen our muscles through breathing. During this period, we are controlling our physical and mental abilities.

Caution is important along with meditation

Psychologist Monalisa Dutt of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi says, "During the Covid epidemic, people's social life was affected. The fear of death and negativity was so ingrained in people that it affected their mental health. Cases of anxiety and stress as well as depression are increasing after Covid.

She says, 'We should eat well, sleep and wake up on time, spend some time in the sun and spend time with nature.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a lot of screen time. It not only increases stress in people but also makes them aggressive. In order to improve it, one should maintain a balance in his personal and work life.

Apart from this, Monalisa Dutt advises not only to improve diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle, but also to practice yoga and meditation.

She says, 'In today's busy life, stress cannot be avoided, but to reduce it, you should adopt things like meditation.'

He says that meditation should be done only under the supervision of an expert. Especially those suffering from depression may feel uncomfortable in closed rooms or solitude.

Neuroplasticity – The Secret of Brain Power

Human brain has the nature to learn, change and develop itself. The brain is like plastic that can be transformed into many different things. This is called neuroplasticity, which simply means that when our thoughts about something change, the structure of the brain and the way it works changes.

Also, through things like yoga, meditation and exercise, we can increase the power, size and density of our brain.

Previously it was believed that this could only happen until adolescence, but it is an ever-changing force that continues to shape our identity. When we learn something new, it quickly adapts to itself.


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