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What is NATO, full name, establishment, member countries

What is NATO, full name, establishment, member countries

When the incident of world war happened, after that the whole world got scared. The whole world wanted that such an incident should not happen again. To ensure this, many countries of the world together established the United Nations. To strengthen this formation, a military organization was also created. According to this, if a country does not follow the rules, then strict action will be taken against it by the military organization. For this, many countries involved in this decided to share their army among themselves. In this way, when the armies of many countries got together, this organization was formed which was named NATO. In today's post, we will tell you what is NATO and all the important information related to it.

What is NATO

Organization Name 


Who founded 

the US President Harry S. Truman


4 April 1949


Brussels Belgium

Purpose: Protecting the participating countries from communism and providing assistance in times of attack

Total Countries 30

Here let us tell you for information that NATO is a military organization which includes the help of the army of 30 countries. Let us tell that it is an inter-governmental military organization which was established on 4 April 1949. Its other name is Atlantic Alliance. Under this, a country sends its army to another country where they are given international training and at the same time they are also ordered to deal strictly with every situation.

full form of nato

The full form of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. In Hindi it is called North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The number of countries involved in this is 30.

NATO History and Member Countries (NATO History, Member Country List)

When World War II ended in 1945, the Soviet Union and the United States had become superpowers at that time. Because of this, the possibility of a possible danger in Europe had increased, in view of which France, Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg countries made a treaty. This treaty is called Treaty of Bussel. According to this, it was decided that if any country is attacked, then all these countries will collectively provide military assistance to each other. Apart from this, it was also decided that they will cooperate with each other socially and economically.

Later, America began to siege the Soviet Union to make itself the most powerful so that its influence could be eliminated. The US therefore offered a proposal for the North Atlantic Treaty under Article 15 of the Charter of the United Nations. Under this treaty, 12 countries of the world had signed on 1949. In which, apart from the United States, countries such as Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Iceland, Luxembourg, France, Canada, Italy and Denmark were included. Apart from this, before the Cold War, Spain, West Germany, Turkey and Greece had also subscribed to it. Later, when the Cold War was over, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic also joined it. In this way again in 2004, 7 more countries subscribed to it and at present it has now become 30 members.

NATO Headquarters

For your information, let us tell you that the head quarter of NATO is located in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Why was NATO Established?

When the Second World War was over, after that the economic condition of the entire Europe had become very bad. Due to this decline, the life of the people there was greatly affected. The citizens were forced to live a low standard of living. Considering this as an opportunity, the Soviet Union wanted to take advantage of it. He wanted to control the business of the world by establishing communism in Turkey and Greece.

If the Soviet Union had won Turkey at that time, then it would have controlled the Black Sea as well. It would have given him the advantage that he could easily establish communism on all the surrounding countries. Apart from this, he also wanted to take Greece under his control. The Soviet Union could thus influence the trade that was carried through the Mediterranean Sea. His thinking was very expansionist and America had assessed it very well. During that time US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died suddenly. Because of which President Harry S. Truman was made.

Truman Doctrine

America put forward a proposal to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union at the time of Cold War. This is known as the Truman Doctrine. Its main objective was to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union as well as help all European countries. Under this principle, America had decided to help all those countries which were in great danger from communism.

Let us tell you that the NATO organization was compiled by US President Harry S. Truman. In this formation, all those countries were included who believed in saving democracy and who were threatened by communism. Under NATO, it was decided that the security of all the member countries involved has to be taken care of. If someone attacks a member country then that attack will be on that organization and that's why they all face it together. Let us tell that Turkey and Greece were given about $ 400 million in aid under the Marshall Scheme and at the same time both of them were also made members of NATO. It was a policy that led to the long Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. So that's how NATO was formed.


Q: What do you understand by knots?

Ans: It is a treaty organization which was started so that the growing communalism could be stopped.

Q: Was NATO a military organization from the beginning?

Ans: No, initially it was a political organization.

Q: Does NATO have any role in fighting terrorism?

Ans: Yes.

Q: Can any country join NATO?

Ans: Yes, the country which is against communalism can join it.


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