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what is artificial rain process advantages disadvantages

what is artificial rain process advantages disadvantages

There are many areas in the world where rains are almost non-existent and in these areas, artificial rain technology is used to make it rain. Artificial rain or cloud-seeding is the process in which clouds are artificially made favorable to rain. Many types of chemicals are used to do this process. Vincent Joseph Schaefer, an American chemist and meteorologist, was the first to invent cloud-seeding. He invented it on November 13, 1946. And between 1947 and 1960, Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization tested most cloud-seeding. Before knowing more about artificial rain, it is important to know how it rains.

What is Artificial Rain, Cloud Seeding

It is often seen that there is no rain even during the rainy season, due to which the entire crop gets destroyed. In such a situation, the government as well as the farmers of the country have to bear a huge loss. Due to all these reasons, a solution has been found for artificial rain. Now the biggest question is that how is it called artificial rain. To make the crop good and to get the farmers out of debt, artificial rain is done which is a fake rain which does not happen with the help of clouds created by God. It is completely a man-made activity which can also be called artificial rain or cloud seeding.

How Artificial Rain Works (Artificial Rain, Cloud Seeding Work)

The water of the oceans and rivers rises up by the heat of the sun in the form of steam or hot air and becomes clouds. When these clouds get mixed with the cold climate, then the water accumulated inside them starts falling down due to becoming heavy. Which we call rain. That is, when warm moist air meets cold and high pressure climate then it rains.

One way to understand this is that rain usually occurs naturally when the sun's heat becomes too much and the air also starts heating up and gradually becomes lighter. The air rises after it becomes lighter and the air pressure decreases. Because of which after reaching a height in the sky, it gradually starts cooling down. Due to the gusts of cold winds, the moisture in the air increases and the moisture present in it hangs in the air in the form of raindrops, which start falling down in the form of rain, which we call normal rainfall. Some of the same process is adopted by man-made conditions and artificial rainfall is done.

Chemical use in artificial rain

This happens in three stages, after the successful completion of the first two stages, the clouds become eligible to rain. While in the last process, clouds are rained with the help of silver iodide. Understand it in the following way –

First stage

The help of many chemicals is taken to complete the first step. In this step, the air blowing over the area where rain is to be caused is sent upwards. This is done so that the clouds become capable of raining. After the absorption of water vapor from the air by these chemicals, the process of condensation begins. The names of the chemicals used during this process are as follows.

numbers names of chemicals

1 calcium chloride

2 salt

3 calcium carbide

4 urea

5 calcium oxide and

6 ammonium nitrate

second step

The second stage is also called the building stage, in this stage the density of the clouds is increased. For which, apart from salt and dry ice, the following chemicals are used-

numbers names of chemicals

1 urea

2 ammonium nitrate and

3 calcium chloride

third step

Super-cool chemicals ie silver iodide and dry ice are sprayed on the clouds with the help of aircraft, balloons and missiles. Due to which the density of clouds increases further and they turn into ice crystals. After which the water particles hidden in the cloud start disintegrating and fall on the earth due to the force of gravity. Which we call rain.

Cloud Seeding Process

Many countries like China, America, Australia, Russia, Israel, UAE have adopted artificial rain and these countries are also giving technical support to other countries in making artificial rain, while if we talk about China, this The technique is being used many times. Through artificial rain, the amount of rain has been increased in many drought-prone areas including Beijing, the capital of China. Not only this, China used artificial rain in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympic Games. In view of the possibility of rain during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, silver iodide crystals were sprayed on the clouds away from the venue through many missiles. Because of which the rain fell in the nearby areas before reaching the venue and China successfully conducted the Olympic opening ceremony.

modern drone cloud seeding

You must have often seen the use of drones in weddings and also on the border, with the help of this drone the process of cloud seeding is also done. In this modern drone and cloud seeding process, clouds are absorbed into them by giving an electric current. In this whole process, the help of battery operated drone is taken in which cloud seeding is done using electricity.

how it rains in minutes

With the help of modern drones, clouds start forming within a few moments by cloud seeding, after which rain drops start dripping from those clouds. This whole process depends on the spraying of rain particles on the surface of the atmosphere. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to complete the entire process.

rain with the help of jets

If it is to rain on an area and rain clouds are already present there, then in such a situation the first two steps are not done and the third step is started directly. Rain clouds are detected with the help of Doppler radar, then aircraft are sent to these clouds for cloud-seeding. Two generators of silver iodide are fitted in the aircraft. Silver iodide solution is filled in generators under high pressure. The plane is flown in the opposite direction of the wind in the rain-inducing area. And the generators are started as soon as they come in front of the cloud on which this cloud-seeding is to be done. At the same time, apart from aircraft, this process is also being done through missiles, because missiles are less expensive than aircraft and missiles get 80 percent more success than aircraft.

Artificial Rain or Cloud Seeding in India

Most of India's population is connected to agriculture and rain is very important for the farmers. But due to lack of timely rains for many years, the crops of the farmers are suffering a lot. In such a situation, this technology has proved to be no less than a boon for India. To deal with the problem of drought in India, many states of India are using artificial rain. In the year 1983, with the help of this technique, the Tamil Nadu government got rains in the drought-prone areas. At the same time, the Karnataka government also used this technique in the drought-prone areas of its state. At the same time, Andhra Pradesh is at number one in using artificial rain. Here in 2008 it rained in 12 districts using it. This use proved to be very beneficial for the farmers.

History of artificial rain

This round of artificial rain was first adopted in America in 1946. By using this process, artificial rain has been made in many countries till now. To save the crop in Tamil Nadu, this process of artificial rain was also adopted by the Tamil Nadu government in 1983, 1984-87 and 1993-94. Artificial rain has also been used in other states of India, such as the Karnataka government saved the country's crop from spoilage by artificial rain in the year 2003-04. After that, its prevalence gradually increased, artificial rain was also used in other states of India like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. At present research is going on at IIT Kanpur on this process of cloud seeding for which H.A.I. Aircraft is provided.

why artificial rain

Why there is artificial rain is a big question which has a very serious answer. There are many problems which trouble humans by becoming a natural disaster, for which artificial rain is a simple solution. As if

Excessive increase of heat and artificial rain is done to reduce the level of heat.

Due to lack of rain in the areas where the crop is grown, the crop starts getting spoiled and artificial rain is made to save that crop and also to save the country from economic loss.

In nature, air pollution starts increasing very quickly, in such a situation, when air pollution increases very much and its effect starts falling on human life, then artificial rain proves very helpful to get relief from that pollution.

Artificial rain is very helpful in areas where there is a lot of possibility of drought.

Artificial Rain Future

Looking at or imagining the future, it is clear that the use of artificial rain is going to increase gradually. As everyone knows that global warming is increasing very much, that is why scientists claim that artificial rain can act as a better weapon to deal with flood or drought in the coming future. However, the side effects of artificial rain are also very high, due to which it can be used only when there is a lot of disaster.

Apprehensions about artificial rain

In a way, artificial rain brings a ray of hope even in despair, so despite its side effects, different types of apprehensions are being expressed by the researchers.

Cloud seeding is the direct manipulation of the environment to produce artificial rain. Due to artificial rains, there is usually a fear of causing ecological disparity in the environment, due to which there is a possibility of the oceans becoming more and more acidic.

Due to artificial rain, the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment increases greatly, which directly affects the ozone level.

Even though artificial rains are used to save the crops, but the silver used in artificial rains is a toxic metal which gradually causes deep damage to the flora and fauna.

Advantages and Side Effects of artificial rain

Artificial rain is used to deal with drought as well as to reduce the pollution present in the air. The toxic fumes spread in the air can be eliminated by getting artificial rains done. To eliminate environmental pollution caused by fire in the countries of Southeast Asia, air quality was improved by artificial rain. Similarly, in July 2017, there was a problem of PM 10 and PM 2.5 in Delhi, the capital of India, at that time this issue was being considered by the government. However, the chemicals used in it are considered harmful to the environment, which can cause problems like environmental pollution. But despite this, it is being used in many countries.


Q: What is artificial rain?

Ans: With the help of man-made techniques, rain is done by creating such an environment in nature which is completely man-made.

Q: Is artificial rain beneficial?

Ans: Artificial rain is beneficial to some extent, but if artificial rain is done in excessive quantity, it can be harmful.

Q: Can artificial rain be used more in future?

Ans: If seen according to the way humans are becoming dependent on resources, then yes.

Q: How long does it take to make artificial rain?

Ans: only 30 minutes

Q: When was artificial rain i.e. cloud seeding done for the first time?

Ans: In the year 1946


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