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What causes spine problems?

What causes spine problems?

  It is said that the spine is the lifeline of a person. Without this, we would not be able to stand straight.

The spine is about to bear the weight of the person, it is also an important part of the nervous system, said the senior orthopedic surgeon of the National Trauma Center. Dr. Vinod Sherchan says.

"In order for the human body to function correctly, the position of the bones of their spine is also necessary," he says.

Spinal problems

Spine problems are becoming a major cause of physical disability in the world. Dr. Spine problems vary according to age. Sherchan says.

In children, there is a disturbance in the structure of the spine at birth, it is not complete, due to the problem of jamming of the joints, the spine becomes crooked and crooked. Inside the spine is the spinal cord, the nervous system. Even if there is an error in its cover, the child has spine problems,'' he says.

The main spinal problem seen in adults is mechanical 'back pain'. The main reason for this is sitting in the wrong place for a long time, bending down and lifting heavy things. According to Sherchan, when the 'posture' of the body is not right, the muscles become tight, which causes pain.

In old age, the problem of bone wear and weakness is more common. As the age increases, the possibility of osteoporosis, which weakens the bones, is more, he says, "Osteoporosis problems are more common in women who have dry periods." Especially after crossing the age of 50, this disease bothers people.

Cause of spinal cord injury

The problem of spinal cord injury is more common in the age group of 20 to 50 years. In other countries, the main cause of spinal cord injury is road and traffic accidents. But in Nepal, due to the geographical structure, Sherchan says that this problem is more common in people who fall from trees, fall from trees, and fall from the roof of houses.

"Recently, road traffic accidents are becoming one of the major causes of spine injuries in our country," he says.

What is the problem of spinal cord injury?

Paralysis occurs when the spinal cord is damaged due to an accident or other reasons. Sherchan says that when the spinal cord is injured, information does not flow from there to all the organs below.

If the spinal cord is injured but the entire nerve is not torn, other organs will be weakened. Paralysis does not occur, but it is difficult to walk," he says.

Sherchan says that even if the spinal cord is broken due to an injury, if the nerve is not injured, there is no paralysis and the injury also heals a little faster.


If a person has an injury to the spine, the first thing to do is to see if the injury has affected the nerves by X-ray, CT scan, MRI. If the bone is broken due to an injury to the spine, it is seen whether it has moved, whether there is a possibility of the bone moving and causing an injury to the nerve. Sherchan says that if the bone has moved, it will be straightened and reattached by surgery.

Bones are joined by resting. If the paralysis has occurred, if the spinal cord has been injured and the nerves have been affected, surgery should be performed,' he says.

If there is a back pain problem, the cause can be found and treated. If the pain is normal, it can be cured by taking medicine. You can also get relief from back pain by doing physiotherapy.


It is not possible to avoid spine problems that children are born with. But Sherchan suggests that the problem of back pain and injury can be avoided.

He says that 'posture' should be adjusted to avoid the problem of 'mechanical back pain'. "You have to sit straight, don't sit in one place for a long time, don't work while sitting and exercise daily," says Sherchan.

In order to avoid injury, one should wear a safety harness when driving a vehicle, climbing trees and other high places. The government should also expand the roads to prevent road accidents.

Sherchan says that if a spinal problem is not treated on time, there is a risk of paralysis, so it is important to consult a doctor as soon as the problem occurs.

In order to avoid spine problems that appear in old age, you should exercise daily, eat plenty of calcium and protein rich foods to strengthen your bones. Also, to keep the amount of vitamin D in the body balanced, sun exposure, vitamin D and C supplements to strengthen bones. Sherchan suggests.


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