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What is a healthy diet, benefits, habits, how to eat

What is a healthy diet, benefits, habits, how to eat

When it comes to eating, there are many dishes in our mind that start spinning and their taste also starts coming into the mouth. But when we think about healthy diet, no one wants to understand the exact definition of healthy diet. Because nowadays food is eaten to satisfy the mind and not to nourish the body. Food rich in nutrients is healthy, but to understand this, we have to understand what is a healthy diet? Today, we have come up with the biggest question of life in this article, which is what is a healthy diet?

What is a healthy diet?

In general, no one knows what a healthy diet means. If you are asked whether you eat a healthy diet or healthy food, then after reading it in your mind for a while, you will not understand that which part of the healthy food is what we eat from morning to evening? To solve your problem, we tell you that a healthy diet simply means that our food is rich in vitamins, calcium, nutrients and protein. A diet that keeps you healthy and fit so that you can fight diseases is called a healthy diet.

What is a healthy diet (List, Name)

A healthy diet can be mainly divided into the following categories:-


Spinach, tomato, carrot, gourd, mixed vegetable, all these soups are useful for you.


Thin buttermilk, coconut water, juice (orange, summer fruit etc.)

vegetables (vegetables):

Green leafy vegetables, cabbage, pumpkin, gourd, cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, bitter gourd, okra, cauliflower, capsicum, beans, gilki.


Wheat, oatmeal, buckwheat, Kurmura, barley.


Ground moong, rice, moth, soybean, rajma, green and yellow moong dal.

Milk/Milk Product:

Curd (curd without cream), skimmed milk (after boiling the milk, keep it in the fridge and use it the next morning by removing the cream or straining it), buttermilk.


It is believed that non veg is bad for health which is completely wrong. Its proper amount is also very important. Non-veg contains high protein. Apart from this, eggs are also very beneficial. Both the white and yellow parts of the egg are very beneficial. Fish, chicken should be eaten in proper quantity, it provides all kinds of nutrients in the body. Cholesterol content is low in it, omega 3 fatty acids are also abundant. Non-veg should be boiled, steamed, grilled, roasted or baked. Eating fried chicken causes damage to the body and becomes very heavy.


Keep the amount of sugar to a minimum, our body needs only 2 tsp of sugar throughout the day, take that much. If you take more than this, it starts turning into fat.


Take 12 to 15 glasses of water. Do not take too much cold water. And take the maximum amount of water during the day ie before 7 pm. After this, do not drink more than 1-2 glasses.


2 to 3 tsp oil in a day is enough for the body.


Take 2 to 3 fruits every day. It is helpful in delivering the essential elements of your food to your body. Apple, papaya, orange, sweet lemon, water melon, peach, guava, plum, litchi, all these fruits are healthy. What are they good for? But do not take mango, grapes, chiku and banana.


Fasting is an important part of Hindu customs. By the way, eating nothing in a week is beneficial, for which fasting is a good excuse. But if you can't stay hungry this one day, then don't spoil your whole month by eating things like sago and potato. In the name of fasting, more ghee, oil, fatty food is eaten these days, which is harmful for the body. Being hungry all day and eating so much in one go becomes the cause of many problems. On the day of fasting, you can take skimmed milk, curd, lassi, and buttermilk, and you can also make fruit, juice, coconut water, and soup. Apart from this, you can also eat Rajgira, Mordhan, and peanuts. Yes, but don't be hungry on the day of fasting, eat something or something.

A healthy diet based on energy and needs

Apart from this, if these substances are classified according to energy and needs, then some will be identified as follows.

Foods that generate energy in the body (carbohydrates and fats)-

Consuming vegetable oil, whole grains, nuts, millet, oilseeds and sugar all these produce a lot of energy in our body.

Bone strengthening diet (bodybuilding food)-

Oilseeds, milk, dairy products, meat, legumes and poultry. These are all substances that strengthen the weak bones and make them stronger. This food is very beneficial for those who do bodybuilding.

Protective Foods (Vitamins and Minerals):-

Green leafy vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits, eggs, other vegetables, milk and dairy products, as well as non-vegetarian foods, all these things give us protection to fight diseases by increasing the immunity of our body.

Why should a healthy diet be done (Reason)

A healthy diet simply means a healthy life, so eating healthy is as important to us as breathing. A healthy diet can be very beneficial for us because a healthy diet strengthens our body as well as our mind. A healthy diet is very important for bodybuilding because if you eat only then you will be able to build a body. For a pregnant woman and her baby, health is very important to keep the baby healthy and to keep the woman fit. By making healthy diet the basic mantra of our life, if we follow it, we will not have any danger of any disease.

How to Eat a Healthy Diet (Make a Plan) [Diet Chart]

Now the most important thing is that how should we eat healthy food means how should we eat healthy food throughout the day, so that it provides us benefits in the right way and keeps us fit. So let's start at what time which healthy diet is necessary

Between 6:00 am and 7:00 am –

Wake up in the morning and eat sour things like oranges, lemons in season or any other fruit that you like.

Have breakfast between 8 and 10

At breakfast time you can have brown bread boiled egg or meat if you are non-vegetarian in your breakfast plate. Apart from this, if you are a vegetarian, you must have chai coffee or green tea with low oil paratha or pohe.

Between 11:00 and 12:00

Take any favorite fruit or salad or some dry fruits in balanced quantity like almonds, cashews or raisins.

Between 1:00 and 12:00

Non-vegetarians eat a balanced amount of dal, fish, rice, egg, chicken curry, two to three rotis with salad in lunch. In a balanced diet for vegetarians, two to three rotis with dal, some rice, any favorite vegetable and curd with salad is the best option in the afternoon.

Between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM

At the time of evening hunger, it is very beneficial to take herbal tea or coffee with it, makhana or groundnut seeds or murmure or boiled gram.

Between 10:00 and 11:00 at night

At dinner time, if you want to have a proper meal, non-vegetarians can eat salad with three to four rotis, egg, chicken or fish curry. Apart from this, three to four rotis and a vegetable dal or salad are reasonable options for vegetarians.

before sleeping

If you do not sleep well, you can take a warm glass of milk and add cardamom or turmeric to it and drink it.

The above table is completely prepared according to the healthy diet and our body's needs. If you want to make any changes in this, then you can make your diet more nutritious by eating some other things in between.

Healthy diet for different age groups

People of all age groups cannot follow the same diet schedule because they should get food according to their needs so that their body can develop accordingly. Let's start with how a diet plan should be prepared at different stages of life so that a person stays healthy and fit.

Diet for babies:-

It is very important to give proper diet to a young child because when he is only breastfed for 6 months then his immunity depends on what the mother eats. However, breastfeeding is a very safe and nutritious diet for an infant. Therefore, a mother should breastfeed her babies even after 6 months. After 6 months he should start giving little grains and other nutrients. Nutritious food prepared from wheat, rice, sorghum, millet, pulses, chickpeas, peanuts, oil, sugar and jaggery etc. Also, children can be fed different types of soft or solid foods such as potatoes, porridge, eggs, etc.

Diet for growing children:-

Children above 2 years of age enter childhood, their sports process starts increasing and they get tired quickly. As such, they need abundant nutrition and healthy food. The food of growing children should have a good dose of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals in abundance. At the right time, they should be given dairy products such as milk, cheese and curd to give them calcium. Apart from this, children should also be fed spinach and broccoli for calcium. More carbohydrates and fats are needed as energy. For this, children should eat whole grains such as wheat, brown rice, nuts, vegetable oil, vegetables, fruits, bananas and potatoes or sweet potatoes. The amount of protein in children should be abundant so that their muscles can be built and developed very well, so they should be given meat, eggs, fish and milk products from time to time. Nowadays, the trend of children is increasing towards junk food, so it is very important to explain the importance of healthy diet to them and give them healthy food so that they can become strong internally.

Diet for pregnant and lactating women:-

After becoming a mother, a woman's life changes, then her body also changes a lot. When a woman is pregnant, she becomes weak both physically and mentally and needs a lot of nutrition. Whether it is before pregnancy or during breastfeeding, a woman needs to pay more attention to her diet. Such women should consume nutrients rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C in their food. When a pregnant woman eats a balanced and healthy diet, her baby is also completely healthy.

Diet for adult men and women:-

Nowadays men or women do not get time to pay attention to their diet. In such cases, many complaints are found in adults such as anemia, fatigue, headache, body pain, leg pain, etc. All these complaints are due to only one deficiency and that is a healthy diet. Such people should avoid canned foods like pickled papad and junk food. They should include foods rich in calcium, iron and saturated fat and trans fat in their routine. They should include the use of milk products, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, ghee, butter, paneer, vegetable ghee etc. along with fibrous foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits etc. in maximum quantity.

Diet for elderly people:-

After the age of 60 years, a person reaches an old age where both his digestive system and his body become weak. The structure of the body also changes to a large extent due to which they are placed in the elderly category. At this age, special attention should be paid to diet so that elderly people stay healthy with their physical activities. Elderly people should have more calcium, zinc, vitamins, iron and antioxidants in their food. Pain in the bones of the body, difficulty in sitting up and loss of appetite are all symptoms of old age. But the only way to solve all these problems is a healthy diet and regular exercise. Elderly people should eat a healthy amount of food, which should include enough pulses, toned milk, egg whites, etc. Some things that should also be cut in your life such as saturated fat, salt, sugar oily diet and sweets with ghee and oil. The elderly should generally be given well-cooked food that is low in salt and low in spices. Things like milk, juice and fruits and vegetables should also be available from time to time.

Meals for sick people:-

Sick people also become like elderly people whose body nutrients are reduced and they start feeling weak. In such a case, they should also be given plenty of nutrient-rich food that is rich in zinc, iron and carbohydrates. Such patients should be given something in a short period of time so that the energy level in their body is maintained and they are able to recover from the disease. Those people should also be given well-cooked food that is made with less oil and spices.

Healthy eating habits

Adopting healthy eating habits takes some time but those habits also have some importance which you need to know :-

A healthy breakfast is important:-

Our routine starts in the morning and lasts till night. In this way, if we do not have a nutritious breakfast, then the energy level of our body goes down and we do not concentrate on our work for the whole day.

Eat small portions:-

Always keep in mind that instead of eating a lot of food at once, eat it in small portions. If you want, eat a little bit every 2 to 3 hours.

Focus on fruits and green vegetables:-

Don't forget to include fruits and green vegetables in your diet that are rich in nutrients and vitamins from nature. At least three vegetables and two fruits a day are very necessary for you.

Do not forget to exercise:-

Exercise is very important to keep your body healthy along with providing proper nutrition.

Protein Rich Food :-

Consuming food rich in protein is very important for you. The calories and fat content like cookies bought from the market are harmful for us, but when we prepare them at home and eat them, they are more delicious and healthy for us.

Don't sleep late at night :-

Our experts say that we should eat dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed so that it gets digested quickly.

Chew slowly and eat:-

Food should never be eaten in haste. A balanced diet is healthy only if we chew it slowly.

A balanced weight:-

We should pay attention to our weight according to which some balanced weight measurements have been prescribed for each body type and each age group.

Benefits of a healthy diet

The benefits of eating healthy are the only benefits you all know, but you don't want to understand them, but we are going to give you a short list below:-

By eating healthy, both the mind and body of a person are healthy.

Our ability to think and understand becomes much faster and our body works faster.

By eating healthy food, the human body becomes completely strong, it does not fall prey to diseases.

Complaints of body pain, knee pain or pain in any bones do not remain after eating healthy food.

A healthy diet during pregnancy helps in keeping a pregnant woman as well as her baby fit and healthy.

Our natural vegetables and fruits are helpful in curing many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases of the body.

In order to fight diseases, we should take food with the most fiber in large quantities so that our body's immunity can increase.

A healthy diet is also effective in controlling blood pressure, especially a diet rich in potassium.

A healthy diet should not be eaten at all

If we want to stay healthy and follow a healthy diet schedule, then there are certain foods we should not eat at all in life.

Fried and fried foods

More sweet foods like sweets, chocolate ice cream etc

Various junk foods available in the market like burgers, pizzas, fries, momos, patties etc

The habit of tea and coffee should also be reduced because nowadays people need tea and coffee 5 to 6 times a day.

Cheese, butter and mayonnaise look very tasty but they are very harmful to our body, so low fat dairy products should be used.

Soft drinks cause obesity, tooth decay and appetite reduction in our body, so we should avoid soft drinks.

Although we can use canned food for a long time, it can cause fatal diseases in our body because it produces a different type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum in our body, which is similar to poison.

Consuming alcohol has always been wrong which also causes serious diseases in our body like cancer, diabetes and heart disease etc.

Some important tips for healthy eating

We are going to tell you some important tips for healthy food and healthy lifestyle which must be followed.

Avoid foods high in oil and spices-

Foods high in oil and spices are always signs of harmful and deadly diseases in our body. There are also some deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease, respiratory disorders etc.

Excess sugar intake:-

Even if there is any item in food in a limited amount, it does not cause harm, but any item consumed in excess can be harmful to our body. In the same way, due to excess sugar, our teeth can deteriorate and problems like diabetes and obesity can increase.

Fasting is necessary:-

If you feel that you have become fat for no reason or if you have some problems in your body, fasting once a week can be very beneficial. By fasting for 1 day, all the problems of your body will be removed, but keep in mind that during fasting, drink water regularly, eat fruit or dry fruits so that the energy circulation in the body is maintained.

Drink plenty of water:-

Water is helpful in solving many problems of our body. Because of water, kidney problems, vomiting, fever, skin problems and many other problems can be removed from our body, so we should keep drinking water at intervals throughout the day.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Earning is done only to fill the stomach, if there was no such thing as hunger, then you and we would never study so much or work so hard to earn, but we have forgotten this in the life of running and running, that the body remains healthy. How important are they? If you have control over your eating habits, then no disease will be able to invade your body. By staying healthy, our body's immunity increases. Small infections do not make any difference in our body.


Q: What is the greatest source of carbohydrates and energy?

Ans: Cereals and some foods prepared from them like brown rice, wheat, barley, millet, porridge and pulses.

Q: Why are foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants?

Ans : In fruits and vegetables

Q: Which substances should we consume for calcium?

Ans : Milk and milk products

Q: What foods should be consumed to get abundant protein?

Ans : Chicken eggs and fish, besides soybeans, seeds, tofu and beans

Q: Is the consumption of coconut water beneficial?

Ans: Yes


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