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After Facebook and Instagram, avatars can now be placed on WhatsApp profiles as well | A possible ban on TikTok in the US will be voted on in Parliament next month

After Facebook and Instagram, avatars can now be placed on WhatsApp profiles as well

WhatsApp users can now create an 'Avatar' on their profile.

Meta, which has provided the facility of placing an avatar on Facebook's profile and cover photo, is now going to provide the same feature on WhatsApp as well.

According to Wabetinfo, an organization that provides information about the beta version of WhatsApp, you can make your own avatar and put it on your WhatsApp profile by modifying it according to your needs, just like Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, the user can choose the color of the avatar's background.

There is no information about when this feature will be available to users.

Previously, the company had features such as hiding online status, being able to leave WhatsApp groups without the knowledge of others, and not being able to take screenshots of any messages.

A possible ban on TikTok in the US will be voted on in Parliament next month

As the US government continues to discuss the issue of banning TikTok on devices used for government work, a vote on this matter will be held next month. The lawmakers in the US House will vote on whether or not to ban TikTok next month.

If there are many votes in the opinion that it should be banned, Tiktok will be banned on government devices. There has been a debate going on for a long time in the House about banning TikTok because China can monitor the US government through TikTok.

In 2020, then President Donald Trump tried to ban new users from downloading and using TikTok. However, this decision was not effective at that time.

In June 2021, after the current President Joe Biden again submitted a proposal on this matter, the debate in the House started on this matter. Short video sharing platform Tiktok, which has gained a lot of attention in the last three years, has about 100 million American users.

The issue of what kind of decision the US government will take regarding the use of Tik Tok in the case of civilians is now a topic of discussion. Although the US government has proposed a ban due to data security, Tiktok has been claiming that none of the data of US users is safe.


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