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Uncertainty grows at Twitter, as top management exits continue |

Uncertainty grows at Twitter, as top management exits continue

Uncertainty has increased in the company after American billionaire businessman Elon Musk bought the micro-blogging website Twitter.

At a time when employees are leaving the top management level, there are reports of a large number of employees being cut, and in the next few days there will be extensive changes in the social media, so there is uncertainty.

The company's head of advertising and marketing recently announced his resignation. Human resources and diversity officer, core technology, product head and vice president of global sales have also resigned. Last week, Musk fired top executives, including chief executive officer Parag Agarwal, chief financial officer Ned Siegel and head of legal affairs and policy.

Chief consumer affairs officer and head of advertising Sarah Personett, who only tweeted on Tuesday that she was interested in working with Musk, has resigned. Uncertainty about how the company will change after the arrival of a new owner has increased among advertisers. Human resources officer Dalna Brand also announced her resignation in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday.

She said that she resigned last week. Nick Caldwell, general manager for core technology, has also confirmed his exit from the company. On Monday night, he wrote ex-executive of Twitter in his profile bio. The product chief of the company, Jay Sullivan, and the head of global sales, John-Philippe Maheu, are also reported to have left.

It is not clear whether they left voluntarily or were expelled. Rumors of massive job cuts have been swirling ever since Twitter reached Musk's pole. If the Bloomberg report is to be believed, Musk is laying off 3,700 employees to cut costs. That's half of Twitter's workforce.

In addition, it is said that Musk will instruct all employees to come and work in the company. News has also been published that Musk will start charging $8 for Blue Tick verification from next week. The company canceled the check-in call last week.

He is having a meeting by calling all the employees on Wednesday. Hateful content on Twitter has increased since Musk took over the company. Musk is trying to reassure advertisers, but advertisers are also confused.

Musk became Twitter's sole director and CEO after firing board members

American billionaire businessman Alan has become the chief executive officer (CEO) of the microblogging website Twitter.

According to the filing submitted by the company to the US stock regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he is the only director after the dismissal of all of Twitter's board of directors. Now he is also the CEO.

The news that Musk has become the interim CEO has come out shortly after Musk denied the rumors that the company is going to lay off employees. If the reports published in the American media are to be believed or if the reports are proven true, Musk will make extensive employee cuts in the company. Musk fired Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Siegel, and Chief Legal and Policy Officer Vijaya Gade shortly after the deal to buy the company was completed.

Prior to the completion of the purchase agreement, members of the company's board of directors included Brett Taylor, Aggarwal, Omid Kordestani, David Rosenblatt, Martha Lane Fox, Patrick Pichette. Business Today reported that Egan Durban, Fei-Fei Li and Mimi Almayhau are not members of the company's board of directors. According to the news, with this move, Musk has become both the director of the company's board of directors and the CEO.

Musk said that the position of the company's sole director and CEO is only temporary, without disclosing the reason. According to a report in the Washington Post, Musk is laying off 25 percent of Twitter's workforce to reduce the size of its workforce. Musk has previously expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter's management system. Within days of completing the Twitter purchase deal, Musk is making sweeping changes to the company. Musk has given an ultimatum to the related team to implement the plan to impose a monthly fee on Twitter's verification process by November 7.

Musk is also the CEO of Tesla Inc., an American electric vehicle manufacturer. Apart from this, Musk also runs space exploration company SpaceX, brain chip start-up Neuralink and tunneling company Boring Company.

Tesla's share price has fallen by a third since Musk proposed to buy Twitter in April. The company has not given any response on whether Musk will be the CEO of the company or if any other person will be appointed to that position. Last week, Musk completed a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, ending months of uncertainty.


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