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Unnecessary running on the treadmill can damage the body: fitness trainer

Unnecessary running on the treadmill can damage the body: fitness trainer

Basically, the use of treadmills is increasing in urban areas. A large group of people who cannot or do not want to walk outside their homes have started running on treadmills.

Treadmill for fitness is such a tool, where you can practice running with fun. It has come as an easy option for the body to spend extra calories and stay fit.

Treadmill is an option

Urban areas may not have suitable places for walking or running. On top of that, the environment may have been polluted by the smoke and dust of vehicles and factories. Sometimes it may rain, it may be windy. In such a situation, going out of the house is not suitable.

"Thus, when it is not easy to run or walk outside the house, a treadmill can be a good option," says fitness trainer Prakas KC, "This equipment is very useful for easy, convenient and comfortable running inside the house."

According to KC, the treadmill is beneficial for keeping the body temperature balanced, burning calories, improving blood circulation, facilitating the breathing process, controlling weight, and strengthening muscles.

How long should you run on the treadmill?

According to fitness trainer KC, you can run for 15 to 20 minutes once a day. "You shouldn't run more than that," he says, "just running for 1 hour will kill you, your body may deteriorate even more than you get fit."

If you run more than necessary, there is a risk of sagging body muscles, smaller legs, and smaller hips.

How fast should you run?

This is an exercise that should be started slowly. According to fitness trainer KC, you can make the sequence easier and increase the speed according to your goals. First you can run at a speed of 5 and increasing it to a speed of 6 or 7.

What age people can do more?

It can be used for any age. However, since it is a mechanical thing, caution should be exercised. Older people, those with chronic diseases should only use treadmills after consulting a doctor.

If you have chronic disease, especially heart disease, high blood pressure

KC says that people with chronic diseases, especially those with heart disease and high blood pressure, should take some precautions. Because their health condition is not stable. Sometimes heart rate may be high. Sometimes blood pressure can be high. It is best not to use a treadmill in such a situation.

"We have been seeing and hearing incidents of sudden health problems and even death while working out on the treadmill," says fitness trainer Casey.

The reason for this is to ignore the health condition of the person. This risk can occur if you do not take the doctor's advice or work out more than necessary.

Also useful for skinny people

Many people think of fitness as reducing obesity, which is wrong. "Especially it is for making the body agile or fit," says Casey, "It strengthens the muscles." Keeps the weight in balance. Therefore, those with a thin and thin body also benefit from it.

What kind of treadmills are available in the market?

There are brand-specific treadmills made for personal and commercial purposes in the market. There are treadmills that can support more weight and some that can support less weight. A low weight treadmill of 100 to 150 kg and a low voltage treadmill can be taken for personal use at home.

We can see heavy weight, high voltage treadmills in fitness centers. You can buy a treadmill according to your weight and budget. When choosing, it is seen whether it is comfortable or not.

40 thousand to 20 lakh rupees

Treadmills are available in the market with a minimum price of 40-50 thousand to 20 lakh rupees. The most expensive is the Life Fitness brand, its price ranges from 15 to 20 lakhs. A treadmill costing 40-50 thousand for home is also good.

Is it better to walk or run on a treadmill?

Is it better to go for a morning walk or to run indoors on the treadmill?

According to the fitness trainer, the treadmill is only an option for running. It is best to run in the open as much as possible. While running in this way, the lungs can get enough fresh air. According to your physical condition, you can decide how fast to run and walk.

Adults and those without any chronic disease can run at a certain speed. Others may walk briskly. Likewise, the weak or the elderly can walk at a slower pace. After all, running or walking outside the house will bring good health benefits.

It gets fresh air in the lungs, blood flow can be good. Joints and muscles are strengthened. it happens

Likewise, running in the park or on the roadside is not boring. You can see and feel new things. Therefore, it is better to run or walk outside the house than to run on the treadmill indoors.


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