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How is the chemistry of love created?

How is the chemistry of love created?

 'Love' is such a broad and vast word, which creates tremors in the young heart. How is love born in people?

Spirituality says that love is the basic nature of man. He considered love to be the development of emotions, feelings and compassion. While science has called it an amazing miracle of chemistry. Spirituality, science, psychology, sociology have defined love differently.

Poets-artists consider it the language of the heart. Therefore, it is said that love originates from the heart, but science argues differently. Physiological science says that love and relationship have their own biological chemistry, which is controlled by the brain. It simply means that love is not only in the mind.

Hormone specialist Dr. Vinay Bhattarai says, 'Hormones like dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin create attraction towards each other. He says that when someone starts to like someone, three hormones play a special role. Norepinephrine focuses attention on the person. Similarly, serotonin increases curiosity and attachment when seeing that person. Dopamine works to arouse love and affection when talking to that person.

Oxytocin is also known as the 'love hormone'. It is secreted from the brain. It is said that this hormone increases especially when making eye contact, kissing, and touching. Dr. According to Bhattarai, this hormone is more in women than in men. Because this hormone is of great importance in women during childbirth and breastfeeding.

However, external senses play a role in increasing these hormones in the body. The attraction starts from the eyes and reaches the mind and brain. Bhattarai says. According to a study conducted in 2012, oxytocin plays a role in increasing mutual attachment between young women. It was mentioned that it not only increases love but also lust.

So what happens if there is a lack of oxytocin hormone?

Dr. says that there is a game of hormones in the increase of repulsion in people, dislike, lack of love, lack of closeness. Bhattarai. When a person lacks the hormone oxytocin, attraction starts to disappear. "Getting to the point of breakup, divorce is also a game of these hormones," said Dr. Bhattarai says.

Difference between love and affection

Swami Anand Vinod says that love is a nature. "Love is selfless dedication," he says, "there is no transaction." He also points out that there is a difference between love and love.

He says, "There is no attachment, desire in love. There is no malice or arrogance in it. It is also called divine feeling. It is said that there is no purpose in pure love. If so, the love between an incestuous couple is not really love?

"That is not love, it is love," says Swami Anand Vinod, "What the world is calling love, is not love at all." Love is actually the supreme law of life.

Love is eternal. The closer you get to love, the more it attracts. It is eternal like the sky. Love has no language, it is a feeling. Love has no expression, it manifests spontaneously.

However, the love we are talking about today is limited to temporary attraction and lust. Love is essentially dedication, there are no expectations in it.


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