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A person who speaks loudly may develop flesh in the larynx

A person who speaks loudly may develop flesh in the larynx

The number of people reaching the hospital with nose, ear and throat problems is staggering. Many problems appearing in these three organs lead people to the point of death. One of them is the problem of larynx.

The larynx is so sensitive that speaking loudly or shouting can damage it. Complications such as wounding, swelling of the flesh, and tuberculosis of the throat are seen due to the friction of the voice. Some are even at risk of cancer.

How does vocalization damage the larynx? What complications does this cause? In this regard, Veer Hospital's senior nose and throat specialist Dr. Edited excerpt from conversation with Arun Casey:

What is the position of the larynx and how sensitive is it?

There are two vocal cords inside the larynx. Vocal cords are like strings. The sound is produced by the vibration of the vocal cords. It is located between the trachea and esophagus.

Without a voice, a person cannot tell his story to others. If there is a problem with the vocal system of a person who speaks in a loud voice, there is a problem of voice change and even no voice at all. There is a risk of death due to larynx cancer in people who smoke and drink alcohol. Since it is very sensitive, care should be taken to avoid problems.

What kind of problems can occur in the larynx when speaking in a loud voice or shouting?

Loud shouting can cause different types of infections in the larynx such as viral infection, fungal infection, 'vocal nodule', growth of flesh in the larynx, tuberculosis of the throat, and in some cases even a vocal cord cannot move due to paralysis.

People who speak loudly and for long periods of time may experience problems with the vocal cords. A person who speaks loudly and continuously puts pressure on the vocal cords and due to excessive friction between them, problems such as swelling of the flesh and water blisters appear.

What are the ways to keep the larynx safe or correct?

Do not speak loudly for a long time to protect the larynx. You should take a break and speak from time to time. Drink plenty of water to keep the throat hydrated. Since it is a profession where you have to speak in a loud voice, you should use a microphone when speaking. Also, taking steam of plain water for 5 minutes in the morning and evening helps to reduce throat infection. It is better not to consume cigarettes and tobacco products to avoid various problems of the larynx and the risk of cancer.

What complications can occur if there is a problem with the larynx?

If there is a problem in the vocal cords, it becomes difficult to speak. If the treatment is not done on time, the treatment process will be complicated and the voice will not return to its previous state. Singers and teachers may have to leave their profession.

There are some professions and fields where you have to speak loudly. Are they at risk of such problems?

Whose profession is to speak loudly. Teachers, singers, politicians, etc. are more prone to these problems than others. So they should pay special attention.

Leaders often have to speak in a loud voice, artists have to caricature in a different voice, how many problems have they seen?

Leaders often speak loudly. Actors also have to caricatures in different voices, so they have more problems. Leaders and artists often come with such problems when speaking loudly and putting pressure on the vocal cords.

It was difficult for me to speak because of my voice problem. We find that many artistes come to the hospital saying that they cannot sing in high and low pitch while singing.

What are the symptoms of larynx problems?

The first and foremost symptom of a vocal cord problem is a change in voice. As soon as there is a change in the voice, the number of people who come to the hospital to see if there is a problem with the vocal cords is very low. They even wait for a long time to see if the throat is cleared. But if there is a change in the voice, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem in the vocal cords.

Some of the symptoms of difficulty in swallowing and difficulty in breathing can also be seen in various problems in the vocal cords.

What is its treatment? Medicines or surgery?

Treatment varies according to the problem. If there is an infection, speaking less, drinking more water, and taking water vapor will also reduce the problem. Some may need to take antibiotics. It may also be treated with voice therapy and surgery.

Does it cause cancer risk?

If there is a problem with the vocal cords when speaking in a very loud voice, the tone changes. Also, there is a change in the voice when there is cancer in the vocal tract. That is why there is a misconception that speaking too loudly causes cancer. But there is a risk of cancer in people who smoke and consume tobacco products. Cancer is not caused by speaking loudly and having problems with the vocal cords.


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