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Why are men drunker?

Why are men drunker?

It is well known that men drink more alcohol than women. Look at any society, any house, men are more advanced when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Men are probably more drunk all over the world. It may be that there has been no proper research on this. There is not much gender disparity in food. However, compared to alcohol, this disparity is much wider.

In most households where men are drinking alcohol every evening or gathering, women are enjoying juice or soft drinks. In a restaurant, banquet hall, bhatti, etc., there are men who gather to drink alcohol. It is rare to see such a gathering of women.

Why are men drunker?

There are some differences in the physical structure of men and women. A study mentions that the way a man's body is made, he has more ability to consume alcohol. In 2010, in a study examining gender differences in alcohol consumption, researchers brought this out.

The reason for this is that the amount of fat in the body of men is less than that of women. Due to the accumulation of fat in the body due to alcohol, men tend to enjoy the taste of alcohol more.

However, psychologists are not ready to accept this argument. They say that the root cause of this is patriarchy, which has been built up over the centuries. Psychologist Nandita Sharma says, 'Men dominating anything is because of the norms established by this society. In a society that grew up with patriarchal thinking, there is a tradition that men enjoy more freedom. Somewhere this thinking has worked in their confident and open drinking.

Psychologist Sharma argues that because of the psychology that men try to dominate in every field, they also seek more rights in alcohol.

"The reason why men drink more alcohol is also social learning," she says, "Society has happily accepted the habit of men drinking alcohol, due to which men have become more drunk." He has to do a lot of physical work. That's why he is stressed about many things, which he is allowed to drink to reduce the stress.

Whether it's to have fun or to forget the pain, men seek out alcohol. This matter has been silently accepted by the family and the society.

'Citiscans of alcoholics show brain dryness'

Society has given more freedom to men than women. Where women are not allowed to walk alone, men are allowed to walk freely. Where a woman who has gone somewhere is issued an Urdi to come home early at night, there a man is allowed to return home on his own. Where women are restricted from enjoying themselves in a gathering with their friends, men are allowed to enjoy themselves freely. According to Trishna Bista, a clinical psychologist, the remnants of this kind of practice are also in the tendency to drink alcohol.

"However, there is no single reason why men drink more," says Bista, a clinical psychologist, "Some learn from their parents, some from the family environment or the company of friends, some start drinking due to circumstances."

General Physician Dr. According to Sanjay Shah, physical structure is also the main reason for men drinking more alcohol along with some social norms. As a woman's body is soft, a man's body is a bit stronger. Such a body can also digest drinks like alcohol. "There is a hormone called testosterone in a man's body," says Dr. Shah, "it can digest alcohol."

It is said that the reason why men drink more is because they have to bear practical responsibilities and the stress caused by not being able to manage them properly. The financial burden of the family is on their heads. It is their responsibility to arrange household affairs. Unable to properly manage such work-behavior creates stress in them.

Senior neuro surgeon Prof. Dr. According to Rajeev Jha, people experience pleasure in the initial stage of drinking alcohol. "They feel very relaxed," he says. It makes them feel happy.

Thus men drink alcohol for momentary pleasure, which in time becomes their habit.


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