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Telegram founder urges not to run WhatsApp to avoid hacking

Telegram founder urges not to run WhatsApp to avoid hacking

Popular messaging apps with various features are Telegram and WhatsApp. However, which of these two apps is more secure and reliable has always been a matter of controversy. Meanwhile, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has given a statement that WhatsApp is not safe for users.

He said in a tweet on Thursday that there is a risk of hacking on WhatsApp and asked to stay away from this app. He also commented that in the last 13 years, WhatsApp has evolved from a messaging app to a surveillance tool.

Explaining how a hacker can gain access to a user's device through WhatsApp, he mentioned that many users' devices have been hacked through normal video calls. He also alleged that WhatsApp could not upgrade its security system.

Referring to the various hackings that have taken place through WhatsApp for a long time, he also said that WhatsApp has not learned any lessons from such incidents.


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