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How to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook

 How to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook

Users of the world's most popular social network, Facebook, can turn off People You May Know and Friend Suggestions. There are many such people on Facebook who want to limit their circle of friends. In this case, they try not to have too many friends.

So that they can avoid unnecessary posts. But Facebook's algorithm is such that, based on your information, it keeps showing suggestions among the people around you.

Who are somehow connected with you. In this case, such people will be disturbed, who will see unnecessary friend suggestions on Facebook. Not only this, Facebook also sends reminders to them from time to time.

How to stop?

Now it comes to how to avoid unnecessary friends suggestions and reminders like people you may know? For this, first open the Facebook app and tap on the three dots in the right corner.

Now go to Settings and Privacy at the bottom. Then enter the notification settings below.

Now the People You May Know option will appear. Here you have to disable the 'Allow notifications on Facebook option'.

After doing this, Facebook will not send you any kind of friends suggestion notification.


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