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Does bathing at night harm your health? Know the doctor's opinion

Does bathing at night harm your health? Know the doctor's opinion

Many people like to take bath at night. Taking a bath at night after a day's fatigue may give you rest, but it can worsen your health. Know all the pitfalls.

There is a question in the mind of many people whether they should take bath at night or not. When people return home at night after a whole day's work, they want to remove their tiredness by taking a bath. Bathing at night can be comfortable for a person troubled by dust and dirt throughout the day. But let us tell you that doctors have a different opinion. Many doctors do not recommend bathing during the night. According to them, by doing this you may have to face many physical problems. In this article, we will know about the physical harm caused by bathing at night. 

1. Cold-cough problem 

The night temperature is cooler than the day. Bathing in cold weather can give you cold and cough. If you take a bath at night, make a difference between the time of eating and bathing. If you want to avoid getting sick, then take a bath only after 2 hours of eating.

2. Fever may occur

Due to the fall in the temperature of the weather at night, you may get a fever due to exposure to cold water. Even after bathing in hot water, the symptoms of fever can be seen due to the difference in body temperature and the temperature of the environment.    

3. Metabolism may be impaired

Bathing at night can disturb the metabolism of the body. The body temperature becomes weak at night and if we take a shower during this time, the hormones of the body can get disturbed and the metabolism can get spoiled.  

4. Muscle Pain

Some people feel muscle pain after taking a bath at night. In such a situation, you should avoid bathing at night. Apart from this, taking a bath at night can also cause a feeling of heaviness in the chest.  

5. Joint pain

If you take a bath at night, then there may be a problem of joint pain. Cramps or pain in the muscles can increase due to cold water. People who have the problem of arthritis, they should avoid bathing at night.  

sponge the body instead of bathing 

Bathing at night can worsen your health, so instead of taking a bath, you can clean the body with a sponge. To sponge, apply soapy water to the skin. Scrub the skin gently with the help of a washcloth. Then clean the skin with clean water. Instead of drying the skin, you can apply cream or lotion. With this, you will be able to sleep comfortably after getting rid of sweat and smell and your health will not deteriorate. 


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