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Bar Code, Information

Bar Code, Information

You go shopping somewhere or go to such a place where you get the goods in packing. Have you ever seen that whatever packet is given to you, there is a thin and thick stick of black color on it? This question must have come in your mind that what is this line? Some information is hidden in that line. You are being told about this bar code in this article. So read this article till the end so that you can get complete information regarding it.

What is a bar code?

If we talk about the definition of bar code, then we can say that bar code is a machine-readable code that is completely converted into a code. It is in the format of bar code line, number etc. The line running in the bar code is like a parallel line which is connected with any print product.

There is nothing wrong with bar code if it is beneficial for business. Any product can be easily tracked with the help of this bar code. A bar code hides the price of the product along with other information about that product.

Every time we see the code, we are so bothered by thinking that what is this code after all. A computer can read this code quite easily. Using this code makes it very easy to read the complete information of a product.

History of bar codes

So far you have understood what is bar code hota, so now we see what is the history of this bar code? The history of the bar code is not yet complete. This code was developed about 70 years ago. As technology is growing, so is its functioning. The first use of this code was to provide more information to scientists. This bar code was first used on a beach in 1949 before today. Such a code was first created by Joseph Woodland who was a Mechanical Engineer himself and studied at Drexel University, this code was quite similar.

How to create a bar code

If you also want to create a bar code for your business, then you can follow these easy steps for that.

To generate a bar code for your business or any product, you first need to visit the website. You can easily generate bar code from this website.

After visiting this website you will get the option to generate online bar code. Through this process you will be able to easily generate and download your bar code

After coming to this website, you will get many options to generate bar codes from which you can easily generate bar codes like Linear Codes, Postal codes, 2D codes, Banking and Payments Codes etc.

After doing this, you will be asked for some important information which you will have to fill and after that you will have to generate barcode, after this easy process a bar code will be generated for you.

How many types of bar codes are there?

By the way, there are many types of bar codes, but mainly there are two types of bar codes. Which includes 2D and 3D types. A special type of machine is required to scan the bar code. It is called a bar code reader.

How does a bar code work?

Bar code works in the following ways which you can understand further.

Bar code works in a bar code reader machine. If you want to put a code with a product, then you can generate this barcode and print it. A special type of machine is used to check this code.

The bar code can also be scanned with a finger machine, but for that a special type of software is needed in the computer.

Bar code reading machine

A special type of school and a special type of software may always be needed to read this bar code. In this case, if you want to create a bar code for a product for a large scale business, then a separate software is needed for that too.

Use of bar codes

Bar code is always used for a specific function eg

It is used to read customer information and load it into a secret code.

This code can be used for any type of product, even the notes in our hands have bar codes.

Nowadays bar codes are widely used in everything like ticket booking, car booking etc.

In this article you are told about bar code and its process. This article also tells you how you can generate your own one time bar code. Hope you liked this article. You might like this information. You can tell us your suggestions by commenting below. 


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