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What happens when the second child is born by cesarean section?

What happens when the second child is born by cesarean section?

Nowadays, the practice of cesarean delivery is increasing. Couples are attracted to it for various reasons. On the one hand, they believe that giving birth in this way will reduce labor pain. Similarly, now there is a tendency to give birth to a child by looking at the date.

Caesarean section can be done to give birth on the date you want.

Second child five years later

It is advisable to plan for the second child after five years, as the child was born by caesarean section for the first time. It takes five years for the first cesarean wound to heal completely. During this period, the first child is also grown up. Therefore, the second child should be planned after five years.

Cesarean for the second time?

The first child was born by caesarean section and if for some reason the second child also has to be caesarean section, there is no serious problem. But when the first child is delivered by caesarean section, there is a wound in the abdomen, while giving birth to the second child also creates a wound, so some common problems may be seen.

The second time may be normal

The first time it was a cesarean delivery, it is possible to have a normal delivery the second time, but it depends on the reason for the first cesarean delivery. At the time of delivery, the child had difficulty breathing, if the caesarean section was performed when the child defecated in the stomach, then the second child can also be delivered through normal delivery. If the caesarean section was performed without opening the cervix for the first time, then the caesarean section should be performed for the second time as well.

It is possible to induce 'labor pain' by giving medicine during the first delivery, but not during the second delivery. A normal delivery can be done if the second child experiences 'labor pain' on its own. But you can't make pen by giving medicine.

What to do if you are pregnant for the third time?

Caesarean section has been done twice, and if the third time the pregnancy continues, the child will not have any problems. As long as the child is in the womb, the mother does not have much problem. But there may be problems during delivery. Premature birth may also be a problem.

If you make a wound in the stomach for two or three times, it may cause problems such as the wound may come off, the mucus may get stuck in the wound. Miscarriage may sometimes occur, premature delivery may also occur.

It takes a year for the wound to heal

It takes 45 days for the uterus to return to its normal size, be it cesarean delivery or normal delivery. But in caesarean delivery, since the wound heals in 45 days, it may take a little more time for the wound to heal. It takes a year for the internal wound of cesarean to heal.

Long-term risks in cesarean

Those who have had a caesarean delivery will not have any problems in the long run if they receive proper care during delivery. I had to rest because the wound took time to heal. Do not lift heavy objects during pregnancy. Lifting very heavy things can cause hernias. Therefore, more care should be taken in cesarean than normal.

Should you do a caesarean section in general?

The number of cesarean section is increasing even under normal circumstances in order to reduce the pain during childbirth. Parents who want to give birth to a child by the due date want to do a caesarean delivery. But we advise to do normal delivery. Because it is better to do what is normal. Caesarean section is bound to face some problems.


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