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How to teach a baby to chew food?

How to teach a baby to chew food?

When your baby is starting to eat solid food, you can teach him to chew during this time. Learn easy ways.

It is recommended that the baby be exclusively breastfed till 6 months after birth. Starting from the age of 6 months, the baby is introduced to solid food. It is important to teach your baby to chew food before giving solid food. Till now baby has been fed only milk so chewing food will prove to be a new experience for him. If your baby has not started taking solid food yet, then we are going to tell you some easy ways with the help of which you can teach your baby to chew solid food.

baby will learn by imitation

Many times it happens that the baby sits down keeping the food in the mouth. In this condition the baby's throat may choke. To avoid this situation, you place the food item in the mouth in front of the baby and start chewing. Seeing you, the baby will imitate and learn to chew food.

feed soft foods in the beginning

If you are starting to introduce solid food to the baby, then keep in mind that give such things which are soft so that the baby can chew the food comfortably. You can feed your baby rolls made of vegetables. You can feed soft fruits or you can eat lentils and rice by mixing them. Do not give your baby grapes or popcorn. Such things can get stuck in the child's throat.

Do not give food while crying

If the baby's stomach is full, then he will not feel like chewing food. In the beginning, babies avoid chewing food or take time to chew food but let them eat by taking their time. If the baby is irritable or crying, do not give him food to chew on. There is a fear of getting food stuck in the baby's throat by eating while crying. Make meal time fun for your baby.

give a small amount of food

Distribute food to the baby in small portions. Don't make the mistake of giving too much food in one go. If the baby keeps more food in the mouth, then the food can get stuck and it will be difficult to chew. To teach the baby to chew food, you feed him while sitting with you. You give bread or any other soft thing to the baby and eat it together. Your baby will learn to chew by watching you.


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