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10 Things to Know Before Learning Coding

10 Things to Know Before Learning Coding

Learning any skill requires a certain time and process. But if you know what you are learning, you can achieve quick results.

Coding is a fast-paced skill. If you have the knowledge, you can do a lot of work at home.

If you are also looking to learn this skill, these 10 things may come in handy.

1. You don't need a super computer to learn coding

If you are saying that 'If I had an expensive/powerful computer, I would have done coding', then that is a completely wrong statement. If you have not learned coding till date, this is nothing but your excuse. Even a simple device is enough to learn coding.

2. Googling: A must-have skill

We live in an information-rich world today, where information is often free or at very low cost.

If we only have good devices and access to quality internet, we can learn many things for free. You can also find world class courses on coding by searching on Google.

3. It is not necessary to be proficient in mathematics

We often see characters with high IQ levels and good math doing coding in computer science based films.

But actually you can do coding even if you don't have that much knowledge of mathematics.

If you have basic knowledge of mathematics, you can easily learn coding.

4. Better to do one perfect job than a hundred incomplete ones

People judge based on your actions rather than your intentions.

Because of this, it is better to complete one than to code a hundred incomplete pregame.

It also helps to make your portfolio stronger.

5. Work smartly

When you are working hard at work, you are also moving towards your goals. But if the same work is done in a smart way, the distance to that goal will be reduced.

If you do both of these things, then no one can stop you in your journey. If you follow this method even in the case of coding, you will be successful soon.

6. This is a marathon, not a short distance race

The sky of coding is an ever-expanding field. This means that it never stops developing or changing. In this sense, this area is vast. It may take time to learn.

But you must have patience. Spending 18-20 hours a day on it can make you sick instead. But you cannot find its depth immediately.

7. Tutorials don't teach you real skills

An important skill required in coding is problem solving.

This skill is only acquired through repeated failures. But the tutorials only teach you the codings that many people have made, tried and succeeded.

8. A project once created is never complete

According to the Pareto principle, 80 percent of the results come from only 20 percent of the inputs. So find out what your 20 percent is and focus on it.

9. Continuity: The Key to Success

Just because someone studies for 18-20 hours a day does not mean that he will be successful.

But if he studies for an hour with full heart for 20 days, he will surely succeed.

One thing is that it takes time to digest the dose you feed your brain.

10. Open Sources help you develop your skills

Open Source is a great way to learn by building different software and tools.

To be familiar with new technologies, you should never stop learning. This is an important game for your learning.


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