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What is cloud computing, its types, and benefits

What is cloud computing, its types, and its benefits

This post is about What Is Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing. There is also an attempt to briefly describe the types, advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. What is Cloud Computing? You will surely be curious to know the answer to this.

Currently Cloud Computing is quite popular. The main reason for this is its advanced technology which makes it better. Cloud computing makes data processing superfast. So come friends, what is cloud computing? Looking for answers.

what is cloud computing

What is cloud storage of your Knowledge Dabba blog? Must have read the post. Cloud storage is also the term for cloud computing. In simple words, Cloud Computing is data storage and data process. In this technique the client is served server, web space, CPU etc. Many servers work together in the cloud. With this, your data processing never goes down. In cloud computing technology, data is hosted on a cloud server.

This service of cloud computing can be accessed only through the Internet. This service is both free or paid. Data storage is given on the demand of the user.

In this technology, the data remains secure and is processed at a faster rate. Cloud computing is a product of computer hardware and software. But the client makes little use of hardware and software. User enjoys cloud service with the help of internet.

Let us try to understand Cloud Computing in a little easy language. You store data on Google Drive. Easily upload your photo, file to cloud storage. You can also backup and restore this data.

Whenever you login to the account on Google Drive, then you can access the data. It is always available online on the Internet. This data can be accessed from anywhere, from any device through the Internet.

Features of cloud computing

In cloud computing, the "Front End" can be seen by the user and also works while the "Back End" has the structure of the cloud service which is very technical. The user cannot see the back end. The back end consists of the software and hardware of the cloud service provider. For example, when you post photos on Instagram, you use the front end. Whereas the photo upload process takes place on the back end.

Types of Cloud T in Cloud Computing

Private Cloud –

In this type of cloud, you are solely responsible for your product or service. It is a kind of private server. Here it is up to you to manage and secure the data. Data is not shared with anyone else. In this, the data is more secure but requires a lot of technical knowledge. It is also very expensive.

Public Cloud –

Data management in the public cloud is done by the cloud service provider. It is less secure than private cloud. In this, the money is paid as much as you have used the resource.

Community Cloud –

This is a kind of private cloud itself. In this, more than 1 organization uses a private cloud.

In this, Group does data sharing. The best example of this is the website of any college where the data can be accessed only by the students and teachers associated with the college.

Hybrid Cloud –

This type of cloud is both public and private. In this, the client is given only a few options to manage the server. While some options are private.

Types of Service Models in Cloud Computing

There are three types of service models in cloud computing.

Software As A Service (SaaS) –

Small sized business models work on this. In this, the common application or website is accessed through the Internet in mobile or computer. You use Cloud Service as a user. For example, the Gmail service is an example of SaaS.

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) –

In this, the user chooses Web Space, Ram, CPU, Dara Center etc. according to his need. Software and Hardware are scalable in this type of model. Accesses on private network through internet. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a good example of this.

Platform As A Service (PaaS) –

In this type of model, you get a platform whose control remains with the service provider. In this you do web designing and application development. Here the program is developed, tested, managed.

How to use Cloud Computing –

This question will also come in your mind often. Friends, the Cloud Storage platform can be used by creating an account on Google Drive. If you have a Gmail account, you can use Google Drive. Google Drive gives 15 GB of free space. If you want more space than this, you will have to buy it.

If you do business and want to manage data then you can use Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure. If you have a blog or website, you can host on cloud services like Digital Ocean, Google, AWS.

advantages of cloud computing

1. Storage found in Cloud Computing is Scalable. That is, the storage can be increased or decreased. CPU power and RAM can also be easily increased or decreased according to the need.

2. Can store online data through cloud computing. The advantage of this is that it becomes easy to backup and restore the data. There is no fear of losing data from online storage. Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere using the Internet.

3. Files of any type and size can be stored through Cloud Computing. A PDF file of a few KB to a video file of a GB can be stored on cloud storage. PDF, Image, Audio, Video, Text, Word, PPT, etc. types of files can be stored.

4. Cloud is very easy to use. It is the same as if you use a computer. All you need is a web browser and internet connection.

5. The problem of Server Down does not come even if there is a high load on the server. Cloud Server has zero downtime. Because there are many servers in the cloud. If one server is down then the other server works. That's why the site never goes down. Server maintenance is also very easy.

advantages of cloud computing

6. The data present in them is lost when the Smartphone is damaged or the computer program gets corrupted. This is not the case in Cloud Computing because the data is stored online.

7. Many Websites and Blogs around the world are hosted on Cloud Server only. Knowledgedabba Blog is also hosted on the cloud server itself. Data is processed faster on this, due to which the blog or website is loaded fast.

8. Uploading, Downloading, Editing, Sharing etc. can be done easily on any file. The data storage limit depends on the storage you have purchased. By the way, cloud platforms like Google Cloud, One Drive give some GB storage free.

9. With the help of cloud storage, it becomes easy to manage big data. Big companies like Google, Facebook store their users' big data in the cloud.

10. Cloud service is very economical. Big infrastructure is not required to manage business data. All the data is managed online on the cloud servers present on the Internet. The client only needs a computer to access the data.

11. An advantage of cloud computing is that you can buy as many resources as you need. There is no need to spend anything extra. That is, you can buy as much storage as you want to manage the data.

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Data can be accessed only when there is internet. Files are not uploaded, opened and downloaded without internet. That is, there is no existence of Internet Cloud Computing. As much secure data remains in your computer as it is not on the cloud. The cloud storage provider holds all your confidential information. By the way, this problem is overcome by using reliable Cloud Platforms. Internet is 99.99% secure but there is .01% chance that data can be hacked.

Examples of Cloud Computing

Email Service Provider – Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail, etc. use Cloud Server only.

Cloud Storage Provider – Online cloud storage provider Google Drive, One Drive etc. provides cloud storage. Cloud computing is used in these services.

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. use Cloud Computing. There is big data on these networks which can be easily managed only on cloud servers.

On Demand Movie Streaming Sites also uses Cloud Computing technology. Video streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star etc. are based on Cloud Computing. These sites work smoothly even on high server load.

Online chatting service provider Websites also uses cloud servers. Message services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc. are cloud based.

Online gaming websites and apps also use cloud computing servers. In gaming, there is a high load on the server. Server Manage with Zero Downtime can be done only on Cloud. Popular games like Pub G, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc. use cloud servers only. 


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